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From time to time contacts are made with various people and organizations who are either directly interested in openness or are engaged in similar, relevant activities. Often when these contacts are initially made, while there is general interest, a specific way to contribute isn't yet understood or appreciated by one or both parties. In order to ensure 2-3-98 does not lose these valuable contacts the following resource is available.

ContactResources2-3-98 Contacts

Initial Contact
Andreas Constantinou,
Managing Director
Phone: +44 2033 844163

Additional Contacts
Liz Laffan;
Michael Vakulenko;
Stijn Schuemans

Open Governance Index report over the next 2 months.

The approach we took with ranking openness of open source project should readily apply to the education industry as well. It's based on four major pillars, here applied to the education industry:
- Accessibility: who is the course / material accessible, when and how
- Development: who can contribute to the development of the courses, and how
- Derivatives: who can create derivatives of "open" courses and how
- Structure: what is the membership structure of the institute or association managing the governance?

You can see our methodology we used here:

We 'd be keen to help translate this methodology into something applicable to the education industry - and perhaps in putting together a certification programme, too.

I 'm cc'ing Liz who's the lead researcher of the Open Governance Index report to coordinate with you. I 'm not sure if I can attend as I 'm on holidays at the moment.

Patrick Masson
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