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If you'd like to have public events approved before they are published, you can turn on the Approver Feature. This is done in the jmx-console.

  1. Log into the admin client to create a calendar that will hold the unpublished events.
    1. Visit the system tab
    2. Click on Manage calendars & folders
    3. Browse to the unbrowsable branch of the tree
    4. create a folder called workflow
    5. under there create a calendar called unapproved.
  2. Log into the jmx-console to enable the feature and point it to the calendar you just created.
    1. Click on org.bedework.bwengine in the left-hand column
    2. Click on service=system in the center
    3. Look for the WorkflowEnabled Attribute Name and set it to True.
    4. Just below that, set WorkflowRoot to /public/unbrowsable/workflow/unapproved
    5. Click on Apply Changes at the bottom of the first section.
    6. In the bottom section, look for saveConfig, and clink on Invoke on that line.

Once Workflow is enabled, the Approval Queue tab will appear in the admin client, and non-approvers will only be able to Add Events (they will only see one button). See the Administrator roles page for instructions on setting the approver role.

Users who are not approvers will no longer publlsh events directly into the calendar.   Any events they create will be stored in a separate events collection that isn't visible to the public. Approvers will see those events in the Approval Queue where they can inspect them, perhaps update them, and publish them to the calendar.


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