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The synch engine handles the synchronization of external subscriptions with a bedework calendar - for example a Google web calendar or an ical feed from a department.

Currently such a synchronization must be carried out to a single calendar collection which only contains data from the external resource. Also only one way synchronization is supported - inbound to bedework.

These subscriptions are available to personal calendar users and to public events administrators. For personal calendar users the options are limited as it is intended only to mirror the external resource.

Initializing the database

If running with mysql the built in hibernate schema export doesn't work - mysql jdbc does not support it. The schema is simple however - to install it manually, create a database - ensure UTF-8 is enabled

and then create the single table:

Startup shell script can set runtime properties to configure the system - as it does with jboss 5.

Public calendar subscriptions.

For public events there are a few more options available when subscribing.

Process Locations and Contacts: This causes locations and contacts to be moved into x-properties "X-BEDEWORK-LOCATION" and "X-BEDEWORK-CONTACT". The receiving end (bedework) may carry out further actions to validate the location or contact and as a result may set a preexisting location or contact in the event. The x-property is always available for display but this process allows the system to validate the location/contact.

Process categories: This does the same for categories.

Validating locations.

When an event arrives at the receiving end with an "X-BEDEWORK-LOCATION" property if the String value of the x-property is ...

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