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CAS 3 is a next-generation implementation of the Central Authentication Service.


CAS 3 Releases

Issue tracking

Project roadmap

Yale-Rutgers Meetings

In September 2004 Rutgers New Technology Group visited Yale to open discussions on the CAS 3 project.

On 24 January 2005 Yale and Rutgers held the first of what are expected to be bi-weekly video conferences for this project.

Yale Meetings

The Technology & Planning group has been meeting internally to discuss CAS 3, attempt to better understand the Rutgers CAS3 milestone code and use cases, better understand CAS/Shib integration, etc. These are notes from some of these meetings:

Random other content

expected CAS3 Milestones

Milestone 1:

Purpose of Milestone 1: Demonstrate that CAS 3 is a viable architecture upon which to build and is a working implementation of CAS 1 and CAS 2 functionality.

CAS 1.0 backward-compatibility
  • Documentation detailing CAS 1.0 protocol
  • Functional tests demonstrating CAS 1.0 protocol compliance
  • CAS 3.0 Milestone 1 fully implements CAS 1.0 protocol
CAS 2.0 backward-compatibility
  • Documentation detailing CAS 2.0 protocol
  • Functional tests demonstrating CAS 2.0 protocol compliance
  • CAS 3.0 Milestone 1 fully implements CAS 2.0 protcol
Authentication Handlers
  • At least two real working authentication handlers demonstrating pluggability. Actual handlers TBD, natural candidates include Kerberos and the technology Rutgers uses in production
  • Dummy authentication handler which authenticates usernames matching passwords, for demo purposes
  • Adaptor allowing any CAS 2.0 PasswordHandler implementation to be plugged in to CAS 3.0.
  • CAS 3.0 Milestone 1 build delivers a .war that can be dropped into Tomcat and be deployed and testable without modification. The .war may require being accessed over SSL, as CAS 2.0 does.
  • A currently CASified application can be switched to authenticate via a CAS 3 Milestone 1 deployment merely by changing its configuration to point at the URL of the server – no other reconfiguration required.
Scraps from development of CAS 3 that aren't CAS 3
Making CAS 3 releases
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1 Comment

  1. Hi, I Installed Cas in my Tomcat server (server1) and authentication is ok.

    Now, I deploy a client application in another server (server2), I added the cas filter in web.xml and refer to server1, I open in the browser the application and it redirect to login page an authentication with cas is ok, however when the authentication finish and redirect back (server2) throws me:

    Error 500: Unable to validate ProxyTicketValidator [[ proxyList=[null] [ casValidateUrl=[https://oscarg:8443/cas/proxyValidate] ticket=[ST-4-kl1bLQ17zdmNSihUiSHHLyRUF4Eb67rIkef-20] service=[] renew=false]]]

    What I must do?