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CAS Toolbox is a tool meant :

  • deploying a CAS server into an existing Tomcat installation
  • simplifying CAS configuration
  • customizing the CAS server
  • building quickstart distributions

This package is develop by Esup-portail Consortium

Package information


The CAS Toolbox package is available at
Subversion :

File organization

  • custom: customization folder
  • resources: resources folder, including package dependencies
  • update: update folder, containing add-ons to the original JASIG CAS Server
  • sample deployment config file
  • build.xml: ANT build file
  • simple CAS config file


  1. Expand cas-toolbox.X-Y.tar.gz
  2. Rename to
  3. Set the deploy.path property in
  4. Rename to
  5. Configure
  6. Initialize by running ant init
  7. Deploy by running ant deploy
  8. Start Tomcat and browse http://localhost:8080/cas


CAS Toolbox is designed to handle different configuration and/or customization levels.

4 different levels

  1. The 'update' folder contains the first level of add-ons to the original JASIG CAS Server distribution.
  2. The 'custom' folder allows to customize every aspect of the CAS Server installation (look and feel, Java sources, configuration files).
  3. The '' files allows to set properties will be used by the CAS Server Spring configuration files.
  4. CAS Toolbox can handle as many different 'update' folders as you need, one only is required.

  In the file, you can specify a Subversion repository should present an update-XXX folder, used during the initialization step.

You can chain several update folders in the file:

The order is meaningful: the last update folder always overwrites files from previous updates.

Updates and custom folders

  These folders may contain :

  • a source folder : java classes that will be compiled and deployed with the original sources
  • a webpages folder: other files relative to the Tomcat webapp context in Tomcat (eg : WEB-INF/properties/


  • deploy.path: the path where files will be deployed.
  • config.file: the main configuration file.

Set this property to false the first time you use the init task, allowing Maven to download dependencies. Set it to true with no Internet access.

You can this way customize the update and cutom folders if you don't want to use the default ones.

The allows to specify your own authentication handlers:

Available handlers are listed in the file : ldapHandler, fileHandler, jdbcHandler, radiusHandler, etc ...
During the initialization step, this property is used to :

  • deploy libraries needed by the handlers used
  • deploy specific configuration files xxx-auth.xml (available template files are file-auth.xml, ldap-auth.xml and simpletest-auth.xml).

Specific properties should set in to (these properties will be used by the specific configuration files of the handlers):
Example for the LDAP handler:

ldap-auth.xml :

Apart from these specific properties, the file also contains global properties used by the CAs server itself:

Handler customization

Below is an customization example for the LDAP authentication handler (we want here to add LDAP connection timeouts).

  • Copy update/webpages/WEB-INF/ldap-auth.xml to custom/webpages/WEB-INF/ldap-auth.xml
  • Edit custom/webpages/WEB-INF/ldap-auth.xml:
  • Edit to set ldap.connect.timeout and properties :
  • Run ant init
  • Run ant deploy.

    Build a quickstart distribution

Once your installation has been customized, CAS Toolbox offers an easy way of building quickstart distributions:

  • Edit and add the following properties (see resources/quickstart/
  • Run ant _make.quickstart
  • Tomcat will be automatically downloaded and embedded into in the package
  • The resulting quickstart package is available as build/quickstart/cas-quickstart-X.Y.Z-A.tar.gz

    The Esup Update

Esup gives provides an update folder more accurate for French universities.
esup-upadte folder is now include in cas-toolbox.

Other update.XXXX use

  • Check the following properties in
  • Refer to this folder in the update.path property :
  • Run ant _get.remoteUpdate
  • Folder update.XXXX will be downloaded from subversion

Others updates

  • update.stats
  • update.memcache
  • update.blockattack

Quickstart usage

  • unzip cas-quickstart-X.Y.Z-Q.tar.gz
  • cd cas-quickstart-X.Y.Z-Q
  • modify env.cmd (or
  • launch start.cmd (
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