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Experiences CASifying applications

Oracle applications

ESUP-Portail distributions of CASified applications

The ESUP-Portail download site offers links to a CASified Horde, a CASified phpBB, a CAS proxy for Sun One Calendar, and a CAS proxy for Apogee Web.

Applications that come CASified

  • uPortal - our own open source portal
  • Mantis
  • pNews - a newsreader.
  • Sympa - a mailing list manager.
  • TikiWiki - a Wiki and much more.
  • Mule - an Enterprise JavaBean messaging framework. CASified by virtue of use of Acegi.
  • Claroline - a free PHP / MySQL collaborative learning environment for creating and administering courses through the web. GPL. CASified out of the box as of 1.7.
  • Moodle - a free, open source course management system (CMS). Courseware. CAS as a standard authentication module.
  • Liferay portal - a collaboration portal (Java platform).
  • ILIAS Learning Management - a powerful open source learning management system.
  • Chamilo - Open source e-learning and collaboration software (CASified out of the box in 2.x)
  • Simply Voting - a secure online voting system. CAS is a standard remote authentication option.
  • Open eClass - Open source e-learning Course Management System (CASified out of the box in 2.4.x)

Hardware products that come CASified

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