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  • CASifying Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise Edition 11g
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This method is NOT the best one and has some downsides/limitations (user attributes are not accessible), but it works!

Proper CASification would be configuring WebLogic Server to use CAS as a SAML Identity Provider.


Prerequisites (components that we are going to configure):

  • Oracle BI Publisher EE
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager

1. Oracle BI Publisher (xmlpserver.ear) modification

Locate xmlpserver.ear in BI installation (/bipublisher/Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/jee).

Add jars to xmlpserver.ear\xmlpserver.war\WEB-INF\lib\:

  • cas-client-core-3.2.1.jar
  • cas-client-obiee.jar (your jar with SecondCasHttpServletRequestWrapperFilter.class)  Expand source


Edit xmlpserver.ear\xmlpserver.war\WEB-INF\web.xml:

web.xml  Expand source
web.xml second part  Expand source

2. BI Publisher configuration

Don't forget to enable Local Super User.

3. Oracle Enterprise Manager configuration


Enable SSO and configure role memberships to have authenticated-role principal (users loged-in using CAS will only have this role).

4. Oracle WebLogic Server configuration


5. Restart Oracle WebLogic Server

Start, stop scripts - /bipublisher/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/bin/

  • shutdown: if shutdown script doesn't work, you can shutdown through WLS GUI 
  • start: "nohup ./ &>/dev/null" - to run in background.
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