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  1. Hi,

    I'd like to contribute my recipe for combining CASFilter and SecurityFilter. This means I can use CAS for authentication and Tomcat Realms (e.g JDBCRealm, DataSourceRealm, JNDIRealm) for the actual role authorization (isUserInRole).

    See here for further description:


    I was thinking that it probably belongs in the filter section of the JavaClient page but I don't really mind where it is put.



    1. Mark, welcome to cas-contrib. You now have write access to this Wiki. Adding this information on (or linked from?) the filter section of the JavaClient page sounds like a great start. We can always re-organize later if need be.

  2. Hi, I finished an engagement with a client where we added a CasAuthenticator and CasRealm to Tomcat5. We also added authorization (ie rols) to the CAS protocol. I'd like to contrib this back, either as actual projects, or just notes. I also thought there was an actual cas contrib sourceforge projects for extensions like this?

    eric pugh

  3. Hi

     I'm working for a french worldwide geophysical company called CGG.
     I'm successfully  install Cas Server 2.0 working with MS Active Directory as central Directory.
     The protected Web Application are running under TOMCAT 5.0.28 and with PHP.
     Actually i'm working to protect Oracle Bussinnes Suite which is our ERP.
     Because CAS perform only Authentication and Not Authorization, i'm write another module to perform authorization by checking the username in a group in teh central Directory
     This module have the same mechanism as CAS and use CAS Authentication  to get the usename.
     Can i publish this module in your space?

    Best Regards

    Rivet christian

    1. Sorry, I forgot: All Confluence users now have write access to the wiki. Feel free to create a page and post your extension. Thanks.

      1. Is there a proper documentation on how to configure CAS with the Database like DB2. I have seen the JDBC setup but i see discrepancy in the documentation presented. The CAS instance is failing to get deployed in tomcat server on following the documentation.

        Also I would appreciate, If some one would help in providing a startup to what problem i am visioning now. I have 2 Individual App Servers containing some applications/ services within the 2 respectively. I need SSO Authentication for a User accessing services from any of these 2 App Servers. I wonder how the session Would be shared between the app servers, Procedure to deploy both the apps as .war files including the CAS .war into one huge .ear file. Will the problem of security as well as session management be solved by doing so, If can be done Is there any proper doc spec on Jasig Wiki???

        Please respond ASAP