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  • Proposed migration from svn to github
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The proposal as stands is for a single active development branch called master with maintenance branches as needed for important fixes.

svn to git branch mapping

  • cas-3_4_x_maintenance -> master (tip of active development/integration/release branch)
  • cas-3_4_x_maintenance -> 3.4.x (maintenance branch if need for a point or security release)
  • cas-3_3_x_maintenance -> 3.3.x (maintenance branch if need for a point or security release)

Feature branches

Branching in git is cheap and routine. Substantial or experimental enhancements should be carried out on a feature branch and then possibly merged into master for release.

The following feature branches will come over from svn:

  • cas3/trunk -> feature-cas4api
  • cas-server-3.4.10-lppe -> feature-lppe


Since this proposal is essentially procedural, following apache style consensus, majority wins seems to be in order.

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