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SunGard SCT's Luminis, a commercial portal (based on JA-SIG's uPortal), includes in its latest version an integrated CAS server.

SunGard SCT's Luminis, a commercial portal platform for higher education (based on JA-SIG's uPortal) licensed by more than 200 institutions, includes in its latest version an integrated version of the CAS server.

Product contact: Mike Zackrison
Technical contact: Vishal Goenka

SunGard SCT Headquarters
4 Country View Road
Malvern PA 19355
tel 1.800.223.7036 (within U.S.)
tel 1.610.647.5930 (outside U.S.)
fax: 1.610.578.5102

"Our integration of CAS Server functionality with Luminis was meant to leverage the authN front-end as well as backend support that is already implemented in Luminis. We therefore, see value in "support CAS protocol" in existing web-authentication solutions, in addition to deploying a standalone CAS server (which most other institutions have done). Since CAS Server currently is developed as a standalone authentication server, our integration required some changes to the CAS code that is likely to be an ongoing maintenance overhead for us during CAS upgrades. We would therefore like to see changes to the implementation classes in a manner that will allow a CAS server implementation to easily be plugged-in to an existing web-authentication server solution. More details on this can be provided if there is interest.

As a provider of CAS server solution with Luminis, we have had to make some extensions to support load-balancing deployment of Luminis, although our solution doesn't load-balance CAS server functionality itself. We would like to see a 'standard option' with CAS to support load balancing at some point. We have internally considered a RDB-backed ticket-cache to provide such an implementation, but decided to wait.

Authorization (primarily based on attribute assertions) is certain to become a stronger need for application integration. While for a full-blown authorization need, in both inter- and intra-institutional applications, Shibboleth would be a good choice, I do see a niche for adding support for simple attribute assertions as part of the CAS ticket-validation response for most intra-institutional applications. Shibboleth can be too complicated to setup for simple applications as compared to CAS." – Vishal Goenka, SunGard SCT

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