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Building CAS using Maven2

Building CAS via the Maven2 system is simple. From within the PROJECT_HOME directory, execute the following command:

mvn clean package install
  • "clean" is optional and ensures that all previous artifacts have been cleaned up before generating new ones.
  • "package" generates the appropriate packages for the sub-module (i.e. war, jar, etc.)
  • "install" makes the sub-modules available from the local repository such that other sub-modules can see the new ones.

Updating License Information using Maven2

CAS uses the Maven License Plugin to manage the licenses on its files. We inherit the license header file and the configuration from the Jasig Parent POM.

To update or add the license on the individual source files, execute the following command from within PROJECT_HOME:

mvn license:format

This will update licenses if the header.txt file has changed or if a file is missing a license. You can use this instead of remembering to add the header to each file. At some point, we may include this as part of the build process.

To check if the license has been applied, but not change any files, execute

mvn license:check

Releasing to the Sonatype Maven Repository (for Syncing with Maven Central)

You must be an authorized CAS release manager to execute these steps. Failure to be an authorized release manager will not mean that nothing actually happens.

Before executing these steps, please be sure that all pending changes have been committed, otherwise, these steps will fail.

  1. Make sure that your release is XX.XX-SNAPSHOT where X are numbers
  2. Execute "mvn release:prepare" It should prompt you for a bunch of answers about versions. Your versions should be something like X.XX.RC1 or X.XX.GA, etc.
  3. Execute "mvn release:perform" This should do a bunch of commits, uploads, and preparations for the next iteration. It will prompt you for your keypass for your certificates.

Complete details can be found here

Building the Distribution

CAS includes an assembly.xml that works in conjunction with the Maven Assembly Plugin.

  1. Check out the tagged release from Source Code.
  2. Execute "mvn clean package javadoc:jar source:jar assembly:assembly"
  3. Upload to the Jasig Servers.
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