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A number of efforts have been launched towards providing binary packaging of mod_auth_cas for various Linux or Unix distributions.  Further, some of these efforts have led to requests for official inclusion in some distributions.

If you are considering packaging mod_auth_cas please do the following:

  1. Subscribe to the cas-dev and cas mailing lists,
  2. Check the links below to see if someone is already working on packaging for your target distribution,
  3. Drop a note to cas-dev expressing your intent,
  4. Update this page to include links to relevant packaging work.

A couple notes for packagers:

  • If the package is accepted into the distribution, please make sure bug reports are relayed to the mod_auth_cas developers.
  • If modifications to mod_auth_cas are required to integrate into the distribution, please let the developers know, as these changed may be globally useful.

Official Distribution Packages

Debian Linux

Ubuntu Linux

Proposed Distribution Packages

Fedora/RedHat Linux


Unofficial Packages

CentOS Linux (RPM)

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