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Table of Contents

 Scenes Supported

 OFBiz-CAS-LDAP component supports the following scenes: OFBiz-CAS-OpenLDAP, OFBiz-CAS-ActiveDirectory, OFBiz-OpenLDAP and OFBiz-ActiveDirectory.

 OFBiz-CAS-LDAP Login Procedure

 The new OFBiz login procedure as following:

OFBiz-CAS Logout Procedure

 The new OFBiz logout procedure as following:


Deploy OFBiz-CAS-LDAP Component in OFBiz 4.0

Here are the steps on deploying OFBiz-CAS-LDAP Component in OFBiz 4.0:

  1. Use Eclipse SVN plugin download OFBiz-LDAP component from as a new Java project(SVN username: anon, password: anon).
  2. Edit build.xml of the new project,  change ofbiz.home property to the path where your OFBiz is.
  3. Run ofbiz.copy of build.xml, OFBiz-LDAP component will be deployed to $(ofbiz.home)/specialpurpose/ldap/.
  4. Edit $(ofbiz.home)/specialpurpose/build.xml, add ldap/build.xml:
  5. Edit $(ofbiz.home)/specialpurpose/component-load.xml, add:
  6. If nessecery, change getPartyId and getSecurityGroup in /cn/langhua/ofbiz/ldap/commons/
  7. Run build of $(ofbiz.home)/build.xml.
  8. If CAS is deployed in tomcat in the same computer with OFBiz, change tomcat's ssl port to another value such as 8444 and restart tomcat.
  9. Edit the configurations in $(ofbiz.home)/specialpurpose/ldap/config/ldap.xml, see Configuration for details.
  10. Change checkLogin, login and logout in every WEB-INF/controller.xml:
  1. Run OFBiz. Try to login OFBiz, you'll be redirect to CAS login page. Input a correct username and password, you'll be able to login OFBiz.
  2. Click Logout in OFBiz, you'll be redirect to CAS logout page.


The component can be configed by  $(ofbiz.home)/specialpurpose/ldap/config/ldap.xml. Here is a sample of its content:


 Currently, there are 3 AuthenticationHandlers:

  • cn.langhua.ofbiz.ldap.cas.OFBizCasAuthenticationHandler: CAS authentication handler.
  • cn.langhua.ofbiz.ldap.openldap.OFBizLdapAuthenticationHandler: OpenLDAP authentication handler.
  • cn.langhua.ofbiz.ldap.activedirectory.OFBizActiveDirectoryAuthenticationHandler: Active Directory authentication handler.

Enjoy it.
Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

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