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This page used to have documentation that detailed how to bridge authentication from uPortal to WebAdvisor with the use of a uPortal portlet. That documentation has been moved to a new location as there is now an alternate choice that does not require uPortal. Both approaches have merits and are linked below.

Single Sign On to WebAdvisor Using CAS, ClearPass, uPortal, and the Gateway SSO Portlet
Single Sign On to WebAdvisor Using CAS, ClearPass, and a Custom Java Filter

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  1. It's worth noting that Datatel Webadvisor does have (at least one) SSO API based on XML requests & responses and some shared cryptographic secrets. Our integration actually leverages that API, and thus requires installation of a component on the Datatel-side, but it's a supported integration (though it has quite a few steps). The documentation for said API and installation is I believe available from Datatel (there is a cost), and is probably a somewhat better integration route than credential replay, if a more difficult setup.