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As of JASIG CAS Client for Java 3.1.3, the distribution includes Atlassian Confluence and Jira support. Support is enabled by a custom CAS authenticator that extends the default authenticators.

WARNING: Use CAS Client for Java 3.3 or later for JIRA 4.3 or later. CAS Client for Java 3.1.x integration is broken for versions of JIRA 4.3 & later! See CASC-164 (Soulwing appears no better off, btw). This is fixed for version 3.3.0.

$JIRA_HOME Description


WAR/EAR Installation: <extracted archive directory>/webapp


Standalone: <extracted archive directory>/atlassian-jira


Modify the web.xml

Add the CAS Filters to the end of the filter list.
(info) See Configuring the Jasig CAS Client for Java in the web.xml for parameters


Don't Forget To Change the URLs


Before the login filter-mapping add:


Add the Single Sign Out listener to the list of listener list too


Modify the seraph-config.xml

To rely on the Single Sign Out functionality to sign off of Jira, comment out the normal logout URL and replace it with the CAS logout URL. Also, change the login links to point to the CAS login service.


Don't Forget To Change the URLs

CAS Authenticator

Comment out the DefaultAuthenticator like so:


And add in the JASIG CAS Jira Authenticator

For JIRA 4.4 or later:


For JIRA 4.3 or earlier:


CAS Jar Libs

Copy cas-client-core-3.x.y.jar and cas-client-integration-atlassian-3.x.y.jar to $JIRA_HOME/WEB-INF/lib


Characters encoding

See Configuring Confluence with JASIG CAS Client for Java 3.1 Troubleshooting section

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  1. Hey there

    I have done this in my test JIRA Enviroment and it is not working. Do I need to install and configure a cas server as well?