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Configuring the JASIG CAS Client for Java via JNDI is essentially the same as configuring the client via the web.xml, except the properties will reside in JNDI and not in the web.xml.

All properties that are placed in JNDI should be placed under java:comp/env/cas

We use the following conventions:

  1. JNDI will first look in java:comp/env/cas/{SHORT FILTER NAME}/{PROPERTY NAME} (i.e. java:comp/env/cas/AuthenticationFilter/serverName)
  2. JNDI will as a last resort look in java:comp/env/cas/{PROPERTY NAME} (i.e. java:comp/env/cas/serverName)

(this is an update to the META-INF/context.xml that is included in Tomcat 6's Manager application)

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