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Configuration of the CAS Client for Java via Spring IoC will depend heavily on their DelegatingFilterProxy class. For each filter that will be configured for CAS via Spring, a corresponding DelegatingFilterProxy is needed in the web.xml.

As the SingleSignOutFilter, HttpServletRequestWrapperFilter and AssertionThreadLocalFilter have no configuration options, we recommend you just configure them in the web.xml

Note: A sample authentication configuration is attached to this page.

Bean definition examples:

The specific filters can be configured in the following ways. Please see the JavaDocs included in the distribution for specific required and optional properties:




Note: When using the Saml11TicketValidationFilter for non-SAML authentication with attribute release the artifactParameterName must be set to "ticket" for the ticket to be consumed by the filter. Add p:artifactParameterName="ticket" to the bean definition above.


Configuration to just validate service tickets:

Configuration to accept a Proxy Granting Ticket:

Configuration to accept any Proxy Ticket (and Proxy Granting Tickets):

Configuration to accept Proxy Ticket from a chain (and Proxy Granting Tickets):

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