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The txcasproxy project is a CAS-authenticating reverse proxy that can be use to protect a site similar to the manner that Apache+mod_auth_cas woud be deployed.

Unlike mod_auth_cas, txcasproxy is a lightweight, stand alone service that does not require apache or any other web service.  It is built on top of Twisted Python, which uses reactor-based I/O to provide highly scalable network services.  All configuration options are available from the command line.

The project documentation describes basic usage and example integration with a hypothetical PHP site.

The proxy passes the authenticated user ID to the protected service in the REMOTE_USER header of the HTTP request.

The proxy can also be configured to provide a web-service endpoint that can be used to retrieve CAS attributes released to the proxy.  The example demonstrates how these attributes can be retreived using PHP-curl.

The txcasproxy is authored by Carl Waldbieser .

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