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Beta release

This was not a production release. You can get production releases from the Yale CAS client distribution page.

Many of the enhancements in this release are also available in the production Yale CAS Clients 2.0.11 release.

Getting the files

The release is attached to this Wiki page.

Release notes

CAS client 2.0.12beta (May 2004): enhancements, bug fixes

  • mod_cas:
    • added logout option. You may now pass mod_cas a GET parameter that logs the user out of the mod_cas session management. (Available in Apache 2.x version only)
    • general code cleanup to remove possibilities of several simple seg faults
    • modified ssl_client.c to accept CR, LF, or CRLF at end of validation response lines
    • Added support for non-standard ports (i.e. ports other than 80 or 443)
  • pam_cas:
    • added support for multiple proxy callbacks
  • Java:
    • added "renew" support to ServiceTicketValidator. Setting "renew" ensures validation proceeded from an initial sign-on (a user presentation of primary credentials to CAS server).
    • added gateway and renew support to the filter
    • added ability to acquire proxy tickets through the filter
    • added option to wrap filter servlet request to override getRemoteUser() to return the logged-in CAS user
    • added support for multiple proxy callbacks
    • added a new SimpleCASAuthorizationFilter that allows you to specify a user access list in your application's deployment descriptor, very much like mod_cas's "Require user ..." directive
    • fixed AuthTag to grab the server name from an initialization parameter rather than from an attribute
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