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 phpCAS Roadmap

Right now the plan is to do a push for real php5 code (object orientation, singletons etc). The problem is that phpCAS requires a major overhaul since the client only is already a monolithic 2800 lines monster that gets worse every day. This is a lot of work and since there is a lack of developers we are planning a 3-stage transition to get the job done. The first stage was a 1.2.x version that will drop php4 support and include some of the features already in the queue. As a second step we will have more minor 1.x  versions as we improve/rewrite parts of the client. The third stage 2.x will be a restructuring and rewrite of large parts of the client and an major api change.

1.1.x (legacy version, EOL)

  • php4 and php5 support
  • no more support

1.2.x (legacy version, EOL)

  • php5 support only (tick)
  • improved webservice cookie handling (tick) PHPCAS-54
  • cas 2.0 protocol attributes (rubycas and jasig cas) (tick) PHPCAS-43
  • remove the xml compatibilty layer (tick) PHPCAS-72
  • test framwork (tick) PHPCAS-66
  • much more :D
  • no more support

1.3.x (current stable version)

The release is actively developed. Please check the bugtracker for progress on specific isssues.

2.0x (planning stage, subject to change)

  • unit tests ?
  • more object oriented code
  • api change ?
  • No labels