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CAS Steering Committee

The CAS Steering Committee, working with the CAS/JASIG communities, shall be responsible for the strategic direction of the project, and shall oversee the operational aspects of the project. In addition, the CAS Steering Committee shall be an advocate for the CAS project.


Positional members

  • Board Liaison to the CAS Project: The JASIG board shall appoint a Board Director to the steering committee.
  • Technical Representative from the CAS Project (serves as chair to the committee): The committers of the CAS Server project shall appoint a Technical Representative to the steering committee.

Elected Members

In addition to the appointed members the committee shall consist of three (3) elected members from the CAS community, as voted by the JASIG membership.  An elected member may serve up to 3 consecutive full length terms and then must stand down, but may subsequently run again.  While the JASIG membership votes, elected members need not be from within the JASIG membership.  An elected member may be anyone from within the CAS community.


  • For a committee vote to be considered valid, a majority of the members must be present to vote.  The governance structure of the committee (including committee size) may be changed via a 2/3 vote by the current committee.
  • If an open positions exists on the steering committee, an election must be held within one month of its vacancy.  Seats on the board, excluding seats held by virtue of a position, must be populated via election.  No one may be appointed to an elected member seat. 
  • In the event of a tie during an election, a run-off must occur until the position is filled. 
  • The committee may expand the number of positional members via a 2/3 vote, either by adding more members or by transitioning an elected member to a positional member.  The majority of the members of the committee must be elected. 
  • Elections shall be held at the same time as the JASIG Board elections.


  • Capture requirements for CAS functionality
  • Determine priority of deliverables for releases
  • Determine resource needs
  • Partner with institutions, commercial affiliates, and other community source projects to recruit, acquire, develop resources from the community
  • Assist in grant proposals on behalf of the project
  • Prioritize the use of external funds that have been allocated to the project
  • Monitor progress towards releases
  • Communicate regularly to the JA-SIG Board
  • Keeps community apprised of CAS progress and issues.


  • Committee shall meet once per month.  Additional meetings to be arranged by agreement of the committee
  • Elections of stakeholder participants shall be held once a year, at a time to coincide with JASIG Board elections
  • Elected members shall serve for two year as of July 2010 (so starting with the September 2010 term).  Member terms are staggered to have elections every year.
Contacting Us...

To contact the JASIG CAS Steering Committee, please email

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The CAS Steering Committee is made up of...

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