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  • 2009-05-26 Conference Call
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Time: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 @ 10:00 am EDT
Conference Bridge: 218-862-7200 #167964




  1. Review old Action Items
  2. Status Update on Projects
  3. Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion
  4. Proposed Governance Change, requires 2/3 vote
  5. CASifying Outlook Web Access issue
  6. RFCs
  7. Statement about what it means to be an official or unofficial client (May 2009 Conference Call) CAS Client Home
  8. High level vision/mission statement/etc (old action items)


  1. Discussion of upcoming elections
  2. Review of action items
    1. We should have drafts for items 8-10 before ACAMP
    2. Scott, Eric, Benn to have a call next Tuesday to discuss the drafts
  3. Project status updates
    1. CAS Client 3.1.6 any minute now
    2. CAS Server 3.3.3 possibly this week
    3. Discussion of which institutions are contributing to CAS 4
    4. Is there a way to tell what people can volunteer for, via JIRA?
      1. Not really, but if people offer to help on the list we'll work something out
      2. Contributions section ( should be reworded and made more prominent
  4. Governance change approved
  5. CASifying Outlook Web Access: Jonathan tracked Jarod to California State Polytech, no response yet
  6. Review of RFCs from community call
  7. Discussion of the official/unofficial clients
    1. Is working exactly right?
    2. How does the status of a client help someone determine whether or not to adopt it?
    3. How does a client become "official"? Via the RFC process and a steering committee vote.
    4. RFC process could/should include incubation period
  8. Marketing
    1. Unicon has offered to do joint webinars
    2. Can CAS SC/Scott do one in June?

Action Items

  1. Scott: Announce software releases to Jasig home page, not just CAS page
  2. Scott: Reflect external commitments to CAS 4 on timeline
  3. ?: Reword Contributionsand make more prominent
  4. Scott: Update Steering Committee homepage with governance change
  5. Benn: Update RFC process to reflect concerns described above
  6. Benn: Draft grid of attributes related to client status
  7. Scott, Jonathan: Discuss feasibility of CAS webinar


  1. Scott: Pull together public timeline for CAS 4
  2. All: Come up to speed on RFCs, including CASShib, and discuss on community call and cas-dev
  3. Scott: Ask LSU and other institutions with potential submissions if they're still interested in the RFC process (LSU busy with other stuff right now)
  4. Eric: Convert login page to HTML for distribution
  5. Benn: Schedule call with Andrew Petro to follow up on CASifying Outlook Web Access
  6. Benn: Post ClearPass to cas-dev
  7. Scott: Provide analysis on ClearPass (Pending finding someone to own it)
  8. Benn: Draft mission statement/high level vision
  9. Scott: Feature set/Supported Platforms
  10. Eric: Feature set/Support Third Party Apps
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