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The FIFER (Free IDM Framework for Education & Research) initiative is intended to advance the development and adoption of open source identity management software for higher education. This initiative is a direct result of conversations among identity management architects, application developers, and campus technologists who have identified a need for increased availability and promotion of affordable, sustainable, and suitable identity solutions for their campuses.

  1. Provide information on current viable open source identity management technologies, suitable for both technologists and management, to inform procurement processes.
  2. Assess the state of emerging open source identity management technologies, to better align resources towards developing projects.
  3. Develop and document a reference architecture for identity and access management in higher education, based on open standards.
  4. Identify gaps in the open source identity management stack, and potential approaches for filling those gaps.
  5. Marshal resources to help deployers take advantage of available open source identity management technologies, to help emerging technologies to develop, and to fill gaps not currently being addressed.
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