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This is the home of the History space.

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Early key players

Cornell, U Delaware, Princeton, Columbia, UBC, Sun, Yale, UC Irvine,

Patty Gertz, Ted Dodds, Dave David Koehler, Ira Fuchs

Rutgers - Bill Thompson, Benn Oshrin, Jason Shao

Columbia - Jonathon Markow, Dan Ellentuck, Maria Mosca

IU - BarryWalsh

University of Newfoundland - Sara and ??

U of Chicago - Tom Barton

UBC - Jens

U of St Francis - Tim Archer

U of Illinois - Tim Carroll



  • Ken Weiner
  • John Blakely
  • Tony ?
  • John Lewis
  • Adam Rybicki
  • Andrew Petro
  • Jen Bourey




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