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  • Deploying Maven Artifacts
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Jasig uses Sonatype's OSS repository hosting service for publishing maven artifacts into the central Maven repository. If you are a developer on any Jasig project and need to deploy either snapshot or release artifacts follow the steps below to get access.

  1. Go to and sign up for an account
  2. Email with your Sonatype username.
  3. The an Infrastructure Group member will submit a request to Sonatype to grant you access to the org.jasig groupId and inform you when that access has been granted.
  4. While waiting for access read Using Maven for your Jasig project and be sure that your project is correctly configured according to those instructions.
    • Make special note of the GPG section at the bottom of the page. Sonatype requires that all release artifacts are signed via GPG.
  5. Read Sonatype's instructions for deploying snapshots and releases
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