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  • 2012-06-11 uPortal 4 In Action: SCSU
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uPortal 4 In Action: SCSU


Konstantin Makarov (St. Cloud State University)

Drew Wills (Unicon. Inc.)

Date and time (EDT)

June 11, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM


Conference Center Room 4


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Saint Cloud State University (SCSU) selected uPortal for their campus portal in 2011, and quickly decided to base their new Huskynet portal on the latest framework version: uPortal 4. SCSU faced some uncommon challenges with uPortal, since their existing campus computing infrastrucure is based on Microsoft products and .NET technologies. Nevertheless SCSU has been very successful with uPortal 4 and very happy with their decision. The feedback from the community has been very positive.

In this session we will showcase the SCSU Huskynet portal and cover the path they took in adopting and implementing uPortal 4. We will look at what worked well, what worked less well, and the advice SCSU can offer other schools for implementing a portal strategy. We will also discuss the use of Jasig portlets and how they provide "low hanging fruit" for rolling out a compelling portal on a tight schedule and budget.


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