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Lightning Talk Signup 

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Lightning Talks were very successful at the JA-Sig Unconference and so we are hosting them at the uCamp.  Lightning Talks are short 5 minutes or less talks with or without slides. You discuss a topic of interest to you that you want to share with the community. 

How do I give a "lightning talk"?

Mark Fowler's article has advice on effectively structuring lightning talks.

How quick should my Lightning Talk be?

Your lightning talk should last no more than five minutes. A five-minute lightning talk is totally fine. A two-minute lightning talk is totally fine. Your talk should take as long as it needs to take to make a point, and no longer.

Potential Ideas for Lightning Talks

This section is for lightning talks that people are interested in hearing, but for which we don't have a committed presenter yet. If you're planning to give a lightning talk, please move your topic into the "Planned Lightning Talks" section above.


Who could give this talk? (You can suggest other people here)

Who's interested in hearing this talk? Comments?

Topic idea

nominated person who could give this talk

anyone who wants to hear the idea

Design Patterns


Barbara, Paul

What is User Research and How to do it?

Allison, Gary

Paul, Erin

Contextual Inquiries vs. Interviews

Allison, Gary


Hallway User Testing



Quick User Testing for Everyone

Colin, Erin


Intro to Kuali Student Designs

Tim, Cindy

Allison, Paul, Erin

Intro to uPortal Designs and upcoming ideas


Allison, Paul, Erin

Designing for small form factors (i.e cell phones)



Accessibility checking tools and techniques


Allison, Paul

Support for multiple languages and character sets

Tim or Wil or Cindy


Challenges of Rich UI (AJAX) in Portals, i.e. are
portals still the right approach?

Tim or Wil or Cindy


Using GWT as UI framework



Coming into a well-established set of projects & finding yourself plunged into a conference


Paul and others

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