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Welcome to 2008 Spring JA-SIG Conference Wiki!

These wiki pages are dedicated to developing plans for the JA-SIG Spring 2008 St. Paul conference through interaction with the JA-SIG members. Everyone in the JA-SIG community is invited to use these pages to discuss ideas and exchange information - all with the objective of making this JA-SIG conference the best yet.

It's all about community!

This conference promises an unprecedented opportunity to network with individuals from a wide variety of community source projects. This wiki can be used as a networking springboard. The projects involved include: uPortal, CAS, Fluid, Kuali, Internet 2, Sakai, Fedora and DSpace.

Wednesday Afternoon Activities

The conference includes some exciting and dynamic activities on Wednesday afternoon: a BarCamp and a uCamp These are included in the regular conference registration.   Learn more about these activities in this wiki.  Your ideas and help are greatly encouraged. 

The conference also includes half day Supplementary Seminars  presented by representatives from each of the partnering organizations on Sunday April 27th and Wednesday (April 30th) afternoon. These Supplementary Seminars are planned and prepared by the presenter and require an additional fee.  For more information see details on the conference site.

Post Conference Meetings and Activities

Many of the projects participating in the conference will take advantage of the opportunity to hold meetings during the rest of the week. The uPortal developers plan a meeting during those days. For plans and logistics see uPortal developer meeting Spring 08 (star) Please update this spot to point interested participants to more information.

Socialize, Blog, Tag, PodCast JA-SIG Spring '08 - Keeping in touch

As well as maintaining a blog for the conference: Higher Education Solutions, the committee has set up a social networking site for conferees at

The conference committee would like to strongly encourage conference participants to record and share their experiences online by blogging, podcasting, photo sharing. Check back here for more information as it becomes available.

Please use jasigstpaul08 for tagging.

Ad Hoc Birds of a feather Sessions

The program is packed with excellent looking presentations but there is also space for a limited number of ad hoc BoF sessions. There will be a way for you to organize a BoF at the conference.

Monday Evening Poster Sessions

It's not too late to submit a presentation! We still have space available for additional poster session presentations on Monday night. These spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. For more information as well as a list of posters scheduled so far, see the poster session page. Poster presentations are a great way to share your ideas with interested colleagues in a more intimate and interactive setting. Submit your idea today!

Wednesday Afternoon BarCamp

In addition to the half day seminars on Wednesday afternoon, we will offer our third JA-SIG BarCamp. A BarCamp is the kind of unstructured gathering defined by Wikipedia, which was so successful as the framework for the Rutgers Unconference. This is your opportunity to work together with other attendees and share information on any topic at all. There will be a white board throughout the conference to gather ideas. Learn more and see topic suggestions here.

Wednesday Afternoon uCamp

The uCamp is a "User Experience Camp". This one is developed by the Fluid folks as a way to introduce usability principles to multiple projects. A uCamp generally has an agenda, with a list of presentations, tutorials, and exercises for the participants. See the uCamp page to help us with planning the uCamp agenda, material, and activities.

Help out by facilitating a session

Facilitating a session is easy. You basically introduce the speaker and keep track of the time. It is a great opportunity to volunteer at the conference, make more connections and see you favorite sessions. When the program has been set, we will post a link to a facilitator sign up page here

Get out and have fun

We will be compiling a list of things to do in St. Paul here. Check it out and add your favorite attraction if it is not listed.

Presentation Materials

Materials for presentations, panels, seminars, and BOFs can be found here: St. Paul 2008 Spring Conference Presentation Materials

Participating Projects

Want to learn more about the projects participating in the conference? Visit their websites through these links:

Conference Blog

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2008 Planning Committee

Questions & Concerns

If you have a question or concern, please share it with the committee by sending an email to

Planning Committee Members





Jonathan Markow

JA-SIG Executive Director

Community Source Liaison

Aaron Godert

Cornell University

JA-SIG Board Liaison

Jim Helwig

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Paul Zablosky

University of British Columbia

Fluid Liaison

John Fereira

Cornell University


Susan K Inouye

University of Hawaii


Susan Bramhall

Yale University

uPortal Liaison

Matt Smith

University of Connecticut

CAS Liaison

Phil McKown

Indiana University

Kuali Liaison

Michele Kimpton

DSpace Executive Director

DSpace Liaison

Valorie Hollister


DSpace Liaison

Ann West


Internet2 IdM Liaison

Daniel Davis

Cornell University

Fedora Liaison

Michael Korcuska

Sakai Executive Director

Sakai Liaison

Cris Holdorph



Jenn Troxel Cummings



Debbie Smith



If you are interested in joining the committee, please send an email to

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