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Posters Scheduled to Date

The following poster presentations are currently scheduled for Monday evening from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please add your information to this table and send an email to Jim Helwig. General information about the poster session is here.

Note to presenters: Indicate in the special requirements if you need a tri-fold poster board, power for your laptop, or have other special requirements. The poster boards are 4 feet wide x 3 feet tall. They are heavy cardboard and stand up on a tabletop. The tables are 6'x30".


Poster Title

Poster Abstract

Special Requirements

Erik Olsson
University of California, Irvine

Modern Portlets from UC Irvine

At this poster/kiosk session you will get to see the exciting new portlets being developed at UC Irvine. We surveyed our students extensively and found out their needs on campus. You will get an interactive demo of our Announcements Portlet (now a JA-SIG Sandbox portlet) plus others like our "Web 2.0" Todo List Portlet

Power for laptop, internet connection, poster board

Jennifer Bourey
Unicon, Inc.

JA-SIG Calendar Portlet

Demonstration of the JA-SIG Calendar Portlet user and administrative interfaces. The presentation will include examples of integrations with external calendar sources such as iCal, RSS, and CalDAV. Examples of authenticated calendar sources will also be included.

Power for laptop, internet connection, poster board

Lydia Weller and Bonnie Ferguson
University of Kent

Using Fedora to expose digital resources at the British Cartoon Archive (stage 1)

A discussion and simple demonstration of how Fedora is being used as part of framework of Open source and commercial software to deliver digital resources at the University of Kent. The British Cartoon Archive Digitisation (BCAD) Project and the VERsatile DIgitisation framework project (VERDI) have benefitted from Fedora's flexibility and open standards to expose digital resources held in various archival systems. For more information, please see 

Power for laptop, internet connection, poster board

Gary Thompson
Unicon, Inc.

uPortal Skins Showcase

Slideshow of uPortal and Sakai skins designed for institutions by Unicon.

Power for laptop, internet connection, monitor









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