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Apereo Jasig Fellows Program

Program Goals

The purpose of the Apereo Jasig Fellows Program is to acknowledge, celebrate and reward the contributions of these important Apereo/Jasig volunteer contributors. The Apereo Jasig Fellows program seeks to foster community leadership and contribution through recognizing and supporting active contributors. Contributors bring varied expertise to the community, including architecture, design and development of technology, best practices in teaching, learning, research and collaboration, and coordination of community functions.  The Apereo Jasig Fellows program recognizes such contributions and supports the efforts of the Fellows through a modest stipend.

Fellows Program

Up to four Fellows will be chosen in 2013 for a one-year term. Fellows will be awarded a $2,500.00 (USD) stipend for the year with the intention that the stipend be used in Apereo-related activities, e.g., travel, equipment and professional development. In addition the Open Apereo 2013 registration fee will be waived.  The fellowships will run from summer conference to summer conference. New fellows will be announced at the conference.

Prospective Apereo Jasig Fellows may be nominated by anyone within the Apereo Community or may self-nominate.  The nominations should be merit-based, describing how the candidate has contributed in one of the many areas of importance to the Jasig community,or the Apereo community at large, including code development, pedagogy, evangelism, technology and interface design, conference development, interoperability, functional expertise, or community leadership. The focus of the nomination should be on what the Fellow has accomplished in the community already, and what he or she proposes to accomplish during the fellowship period.  Past contribution isn't absolutely required, but is often a good indicator of future engagement. Fellows are not required to be based at an Apereo Foundation participating institution.  This is to assure that the Fellows Program recognizes individual contributors. A letter of support from the Fellow's institution is desired to assure that the person will receive support for these activities during their Fellowship tenure.

Apereo Jasig Fellows will be selected by a small committee of Apereo community members.  A member of the Apereo Board of Directors will sit on the committee as a liaison to the Board, and to facilitate any funding or policy discussions with the Board.

During their tenure, Fellows will be asked to speak at Apereo conferences, and will have their work featured on the Apereo website and through other channels of Apereo outreach and education. Fellows who wish to publish or offer white papers on their activities are encouraged to do so.  Such whitepapers will be prominently displayed.

The activities of the Fellows will be largely self-directed, although the Foundation Executive Director and/or Foundation staff will help coordinate Fellows' activities and help with twice-yearly report-outs of their activities.

Commercial and/or foundation support for this program will be considered.  Initial support will come from the Apereo Foundation.


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