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Why is this page here


For some time JA-SIG has hosted a Contributions IChannel in theClearinghouse uPortal instancewherein JA-SIG community members can login, register new "contributions", peruse available contributions, and download some files. The channel broke. This page is the band-aid for listing the content that was in the Clearinghouse and making those files available while the disposition of the Contributions Channel is resolved. It is not clear that one big page is the way to present this data, and more recent information about some of these projects is available elsewhere. This is the quick posting of content reclaimed from the Contributions Channel database. Now that it's here in the wiki, it can be collaboratively edited.

Where are the downloads?

The downloadable files hosted by the channel as of 30 November 2006 are now all available from the JA-SIG website. 

Please help make this page less ugly.  This page doesn't have to be so ugly and unusable. It was just born that way, the result of a quick paste of information rescued from the Contributions database. Please apply some love and care to your favorite contribution listings, helping them to widen out to fill available space, include modern information, and meld appropriately into the wiki.   

The page has been updated such that each existing project now has its own page(s).  But improvement is needed in organizing the list of contributions.  There should be lists of projects related to particular themes - available channels, available database tools, available commercial add-ons, whatever categorizations are useful - Please offer comments or make change as you see fit.

There are opportunities here to collaborate to better represent, communicate about, and progress these projects.

The "contributions"

Active Clearinghouse Components

Active components are believed to be actively maintained, supported, under continued development, or otherwise have life. In general this section is for components we believe would be of potential interest to a new deployer of a modern uPortal release or similarly latest level of technology.

Archived Clearinghouse Components

Archived components are believed to be no longer actively maintained, supported, or under continued development. In general this section is for components we do not believe would be of interest to a new deployer of a modern uPortal release or similarly latest level of technology.

Clearinghouse Information

Clearinghouse Overview -  use and policies.  Download

Clearinghouse FAQs - Download

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