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Landing page from JA-SIG header bar

This wiki page serves (at least, is proposed to serve) as the landing page for that Community link on the JA-SIG websites header.

JA-SIG is a community of information technology leaders and professionals in higher education furthering collaboration and shared solutions, in part through the development and sharing of specific open source software projects.

This page attempts to summarize this feeling of community, with plenty of links to opportunities to get involved.

JA-SIG's vibrant wiki

JA-SIG maintains this Confluence instance whereby the community collaborates on documenting projects and interests. These range from relatively open and free-form spaces such as the general CAS and uPortal spaces, through more specific, formal, well-groomed "book-style" spaces. A sandbox space serves as a playground for trying your hand at Confluence editing.

uPortal deployers are particularly encouraged – begged, even – to maintain an entry on the table of uPortal deployments, which is a place to share much more than just the mere fact of the deployment, and serves has a jumping off point for additional pages about your use of JA-SIG software if you like.

Confluence affords an ability for individuals to create personal "profiles" and even to grow these into entire arbitrarily rich "personal spaces". The gallery of personal spaces is a good way to peruse the JA-SIG community.

JA-SIG's loquacious email lists

The University of Wisconsin at Madison generously hosts JA-SIG's email lists, which include numerous lists for the discussion of specific JA-SIG projects and for meta-discussions such as that of user experience.


A yearly in-person conference as well as additional smaller gatherings serve as a huge aspect of the JA-SIG fun and opportunity. Conferences are a chance to take a seminar and hone your knowledge, meet and great JA-SIG-ers from far and and wide, and even give a talk or two sharing your experiences with information technology in higher education.

JA-SIG membership

JA-SIG is a membership organization at the institutional level. Individuals affiliated with institutions that more actively participate in JA-SIG will gain even more from participation in this community, we feel, through their institution's participation, but any individual is welcome to participate in JA-SIG regardless of institutional affiliation.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more? While you're welcome to jump into our community any way you like, if you're wondering how to do that, please feel free to contact the JA-SIG board who will gladly serve as your welcoming committee.

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