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The JA-SIG strives to create a rich environment for its Open Source projects and their associated communities. This is manifested as an open, level playing field where all contributions and contributors supporting the community are valued. In this spirit, groups that have announcements of interest to the JA-SIG Open Source community are encouraged to submit them for posting on the JA-SIG web site. These announcements might include information on upcoming training, services, project releases, contributions to the Clearinghouse or other items in support of our Open Source projects. We believe that this exchange of information gives more opportunities to members of the community and helps maintain the health of our commercial partners. Vendor announcements are encouraged as long as they are immediately relevant to the JA-SIG Open Source community.

General JA-SIG news and announcements are found on:

uPortal related news and announcements are found on:

CAS related news and announcements are found on:

HyperContent related news and announcements are found on:

Requests to post announcements and news should be submitted via email to for review by the news and announcements team. The request should include the organization/project, title, text, and contact information for any follow up questions. The news and announcements team will review the item and post it to the JA-SIG web site and/or project web site as appropriate. Requests to edit or remove an item should be sent to the same email address.

The team consists of at least one board member and one other community member. A member of the team may contact the person who submitted the announcement if additional clarification is required or if there are issues with the item. Any member of the team can post the item. Project Leads and release engineers can field and handle project specific requests as well as post project news.

This policy has been developed and approved by the JA-SIG Board of Directors. The board will monitor requests and adjust the policy and process as appropriate. Any concerns about posted items or the news and announcements policy can be directed to the team or to the board.

Disclaimer: While we post links, news items, announcements and other references to and from community partners, these are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement or warranty, express or implied, by the JA-SIG as to their suitability, content, usefulness, functioning, completeness, or accuracy.