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The mailing lists provide venues for questions and discussion on projects and services Jasig provides.

The page for each mailing list has details on how to subscribe, unsubscribe, edit settings and view archives. You can find public aliases for other Jasig contacts at Jasig Contact Addresses.
Information about requesting new email lists can be found here

Many of the widely read lists here are also archived in the Jasig area on Nabble.

  • Bedework ListsBedework related mailing lists.
  • CAS ListsCAS related mailing lists.
    • cas-announceFor CAS project related announcements.
    • cas-appsec-privatecas-appsec-private is a closed, private list for discussion of potential vulnerabilities, analysis of reported vulnerabilities, and on-going work of the CAS AppSec Working Group.
    • cas-appsec-publiccas-appsec is the public mailing list of the CAS AppSec Working Group. This list is for public discussion, coordination, and collaboration of application security issues related to CAS.
    • cas-devThe developers discussion list is for questions, comments, and feedback about the architecture for CAS and its future.
    • cas-steering-committeeCAS Steering Committee discussion and coordination.
    • cas-userThe community discussion list is for questions, comments, feedback and issues associated with CAS and its clients.
    • mod-auth-cas-devA mailing list to reach developers on the mod_auth_cas project.
  • Decomissioned ListsDecommissioned or obsolete mailing lists.
    • bookmarks-portlet-devDiscontinued. Formerly for discussion on the development of the Bookmarks Portlet.
    • bookmarks-portlet-userDiscontinued. Formerly for discussion implementing, configuring and deploying the Bookmarks Portlet.
  • Free IDM Framework for Education & Research ListsFree IDM Framework for Education & Research project mailing lists
    • fifer-apiThe discussion list is for API discussions associated with the Free IDM Framework for Education & Research project.
  • Groups & Permissions ListsGroups & Permissions project mailing lists
    • gaps-devDiscussion of development of the Jasig Groups & Permissions Framework.
    • gaps-userDiscussion of usage of the Jasig Groups & Permissions Framework.
  • Jasig ListsJasig organization wide mailing lists.
    • 2-3-98Community discussion list for the 2-3-98 project, a community of practice aiming to provide self-support for college and university administrators, managers, and practitioners wishing to take best advantage of various open initiatives.
    • boardFor Jasig Board member discussions.
    • conference-planningCoordination and planning of the annual Jasig Conference.
    • dotnet-discussDiscussions about Community of Practice around .NET, Open Source, and Higher Ed, with a focus on building a community, sharing experiences, and the potential for collaborative projects such as CasOwa and the DotNetCasClient
    • he-oss-discussDiscussion around the promotion of Open Source Software in higher education.
    • i18nFor discussions around internationalization of software.
    • incubationUsed for setting up and administering the Jasig project incubation process.
    • infrastructureFor discussion surrounding the Jasig servers and the services that run on them in addition to any other infrastructure needs that the team supports for Jasig.
    • jasig-announceFor Jasig related announcements.
    • jasig-committersCommunication among Jasig Committers.
    • jasig-comm-liaisonsFor communicating with Jasig Community Liaisons.
    • jasig-discussDiscussion of open source and community source software development in administration of higher education.
    • jasig-idmDiscussion of identity management topics within the Jasig context.
    • jasig-licensingDiscuss licensing issues pertaining to Jasig products and materials
    • jasig-membersCommunication among Jasig members and board of directors.
    • jasig-ueA list for discussion of topics related to user interfaces and overall "user experience" of Jasig applications.
    • jasig-webpresenceJasig web presence, including websites, web applications, and general presence on the web.
    • jasig-webredesign-projectDiscussion and collaboration regarding the Jasig Web Redesign Project.
    • marketing-wgDiscussion list for the Jasig Marketing Working Group.
    • securityFor reporting potential security vulnerabilities in Jasig sponsored projects to the security working group.
    • security-notificationsOpt-in notification email list for persons interested in early notification of security vulnerabilities in JA-SIG software and their workarounds.
    • strategyA forum for comments, suggestions, discussion on topics related to Jasig's strategic direction.
  • JIRA NotificationsLists that provide notification emails from the Jasig JIRA Issue Tracker
  • OpenRegistry Project ListsOpen Registry project mailing lists
  • Person Directory ListsPerson Directory project mailing lists
  • Portlet ListsPortlet project mailing lists.
    • erp-integrationFor collaboration between members interested in sharing ideas, code, and other resources to build standard portlets that leverage our campus ERP systems.
    • portlet-devFor discussion on the development of the general Jasig portlets.
    • portlet-userFor discussion implementing, configuring and deploying the general Jasig portlets.
  • Student Success Plan ListsStudent Success Plan project mailing lists
    • ssp-devDeveloper Community for the Student Success Plan - Share, Learn, Discuss, Collaborate and Contribute
    • ssp-userUser Community for the Student Success Plan - Share, Learn, Discuss, Collaborate, Benchmark and Build Community
  • uPortal Listsemail lists supporting the development and community around uPortal
    • uMobileDiscussion list for the uMobile community.
    • umobile-devDiscussion of design and development of uMobile (RETIRED)
    • umobile-working-groupuMobile Working Group discussion (RETIRED, see umobile)
    • uportal-devDiscussion of design and development of the uPortal framework and Apereo portlets
    • uportal-steering-committeeuPortal Steering Committee discussion and coordination.
    • uportal-userFor discussion on implementing and configuring uPortal. Development activities are on the uportal-developers list.

Email administrators can go here (if logged in) for administration information.

To change the configuration of your membership (e.g., your email address, type of membership, password, receiving copies of your own post), click on the Edit Settings link for the list on its page. You can also find additional documentation here.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click here to send initiate the password reset process. Note that the Lyris software can have a separate password for each list that you are a member of. If you log in and do not see a list that you believe you are subscribed to, you may want to synchronize your passwords. You can do this by logging in here with a valid password, clicking on the Advanced tab and clicking on the link to change your passwords. You can also look at this knowledge base document.

If you send from multiple accounts or aliases, you can register each account as a member. You can then log in for each additional account as mentioned above and change the membership type to "no mail" to ensure that you only receive a single copy of each message.

The list service maintenance window is every Sunday 8am-noon, but is only used when necessary. The service is generally live during that time.

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