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  • Newsletter - 201011 - November 2010
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  • Save the Dates!


Central Authentication Service (CAS)

  • Coordinated Releases


  • uPortal 3.3.0-M1 Released
  • A Change in the Weather
  • Jasig uPortal December Community Call
  • Additional Committee Member


  • Bedework 3.7-M3 Release Announcement
  • Bedework and Microsoft Exchange - an update
  • Un Mundo, Un Calendario - Bedework


  • Incubation Graduates



Save the Dates!

Planning has kicked into high gear for the 2011 Jasig Conference.

The event will be held May 22nd to May 25th at the beautiful Westin Westminster just outside Denver.

This year's conference will be running back to back with the Internet2 sponsored Advance CAMP, so if you are involved in identity management or middleware you may want to plan to stay for the entire week.

The conference program committee is actively seeking experts to conduct pre and post conference seminars. Traditionally, these are half day seminars that provide a deeper learning experience than regular conference sessions allow. If you have an idea for a seminar you would like to conduct or even an idea for a seminar you would like to attend, please contact Drew Wills or any member of the program committee at

We are actively seeking Keynote speakers if you know someone who would give a great talk, please let us know.

2011 Program Committee Members:

Jeremy Rosenberg - Chair
Jonathan Markow - Community Source Liaison
Kim Cary
Scott Battaglia
Benn Oshrin
Drew Wills
Jim Helwig
Cris Holdorph
Dan Biondi

We are looking forward to seeing you in May!

The 2011 Program Committee



h3, Central Authentication Service (CAS)

Coordinated Releases

Watch for a coordinated release announcement for CAS Server and CAS Client products in the very near future, involving

  • CAS Server
  • CAS Client
  • CAS ClearPass
  • mod_auth_cas
  • phpCAS
  • .NET CAS Client



uPortal 3.3.0-M1 Released

Jasig is proud to announce the first milestone release of uPortal 3.3.0.

The M1 release is meant to be a developer preview of the new features being developed for 3.3. This release is not feature complete and there are no assurances about potential chances to the database or any other APIs before the first release candidate.
There was no version created in Jira for this release but the list of closed issues for the 3.3.0 version is a good reference:

Major 3.3 features that are either complete or mostly implemented for the M1 release:

  • "Gallery" portal customization interface that combines portlet subscription, subscribed tabs, skin selection and tab layout into an easy to use interface.
  • Inline tab name editing
  • Drag & Drop reordering of tabs
  • Updated Administration Tools (Groups, Permissions & User Management)
  • Consistent URLs which move much of the navigational state of the portal to the URL data
  • i18n improvements
    • Centralized messages into a single file
    • Autotranslation of new messages to help bootstrap human translation
  • Grouper support shipping with the built in Groups & Permissions services
  • Pulled/Subscribable DLM fragments, allowing users to subscribe to a pre-built tab of portlets
  • Updated skin
  • JSR-286 Support
    • Rendering, Actions, Resources and Events are supported
    • Setting response headers when handling a resource request is not working
    • Setting render parameters during event handling is not working
    • Caching, header content contributes, and cookies all need to be implemented
  • New rendering pipeline with intelligent cache key generation
  • Upgraded to Spring 3.0
  • Standardization of REST like service APIs for dyanmic UI
  • All dynamic UI code is written as Fluid Components for standardization

Downloads are available from:
Release notes are available at:

-Eric Dalquist


A Change in the Weather

The Jasig portlet developer community was unexpectedly informed on November 10, 2010 that Accuweather had suspended its free API for developers indefinitely. For several years, Accuweather had generously allowed us to use their data feed as the default source for the weather portlet.

uPortal developers (a big thanks to Jen Bourey) have re-enabled the Weather Portlet with feed support from a choice of two new providers:
Yahoo Weather - and
World Weather Online -

Both services require an API key which can be retrieved by a self-service registration process. To learn more, visit the portlet configuration page on the uPortal wiki:


Jasig uPortal December Community Call

The next uPortal Community Call has been scheduled for December 9th, 2010, starting at 8:30am PT, 11:30am ET, 16:30 BT. Whether you are sipping that first coffee of the day or getting ready for your commute home, we hope you can join us. In addition to our usual updates on developments in uPortal, portlets and documentation, we will also have a live demo from the University of Illinois. This will include examples of how they are using sub-tabs in their portal.

For more information on how to view the webinar and dial in for audio, please see


Additional Committee Member

Tim Carroll from the University of Illinois has been appointed by the uPortal Steering Committee to serve as an additional working member. Tim currently serves on the Jasig Board of Directors and brings with him a history of involvement with uPortal. We look forward to Tim's contributions as the committee works on continuing the improvements to the uPortal project and community. Welcome aboard, Tim!



Bedework 3.7-M3 Release Announcement

Bedework 3.7 milestone 3 release is available:

This 3rd technical preview release provides an opportunity to explore the new functionality and improvements which will be present in the Bedework 3.7 production release. Note that some bugs remain and not all new features are fully implemented. 

Please see the release notes for details.


Bedework and Microsoft Exchange - an update

As announced in last month’s newsletter, we have started development of Bedework web services interface to Microsoft Exchange using Exchange Web Services (EWS). The EWS/Bedework Synch project consists of a JBoss package (largely independent of Bedework), built using standard JAXB tools, and includes a service, and a web server. 

It is useful to remind everyone that the goal of this work is to a provide a calendar synchronization service between Bedework and Microsoft Exchange 2010 (and, also Exchange 2007), not simply to retrieve calendar events from Exchange. Consequently, there are many more issues to be dealt with. Nonetheless, in mid-November we had our first import of an Exchange event into a Bedework calendar.

We expect that a milestone release of this not-yet-completed work will be included in the Bedework 3.7 production release. We anticipate hosting a webinar on this project some time in December.


Un Mundo, Un Calendario - Bedework

As announced in the October newsletter, our Bedework colleagues at Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA), met with their counterparts at the University of Navarra, also located in Pamplona, Spain, to discuss collaborating on a Spanish translation of the upcoming Bedework 3.7 release. Additionally, UPNA is providing a Spanish language version of the Bedework brochure. 

We have also received a contribution of a German language translation of Bedework, which we anticipate making available in Bedework 3.7 or 3.7.1



Incubation Graduates

The incubation committee is pleased to announce the graduation of four portlets to fully sponsored Jasig status. They are:

  • Announcements Portlet
  • Calendar Portlet
  • Simple Content Management Portlet
  • Weather Portlet

Please see the wiki pages for more information about these new full fledged sponsored portlets.

Thanks to all who worked on these to make their new status possible.

Susan Bramhall
Incubation Chair


Jasig Newsletter - November 2010

Editor: Mark Rogers (University of Manitoba)

Website edition at:

Past editions of the Jasig Newsletter can also be found in the Jasig wiki at: