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List Purpose

cas-appsec-private is a closed, private list for discussion of potential vulnerabilities, analysis of reported vulnerabilities, and on-going work of the CAS AppSec Working Group.

Getting involved in the CAS community does not require cas-appsec-private membership. However, involvement in the CAS community is required to be considered for cas-appsec-private. Involvement includes active participation in one or more of the following:

* CAS AppSec Working Group
* CAS community list discussions and deliberations
* CAS planning, design, development, testing, release, documentation

Nominations (or self-nominations) to become members of the cas-appsec-private should be made privately and directly to the CAS AppSec Working Group Chair for off-line discussion. Discussion prior to voting and the voting itself is done off-list, among the CAS AppSec WG membership. New members are elected by super majority (e.g., 2/3 of active CAS AppSec WG membership). Announcement of new members is done on-list.

This list has closed membership and archives.  it is administered by Bill Thompson.

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