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This is a monthly update call open to everyone to discuss the progress being made on OpenRegistry

Time: 1:30 EST every last Tuesday of every month

If you don't have an invitation you can find a call in number at:

And use Quick Pin: 4584


Rutgers:  Omer Almatary, Muhammad Siddique , Naveed Hussain, Sherry Liu, Aditi Deshmukh 

RPI: Jon E Finke



  1. Update from Rutgers
    • Started development for Certification 3
      • Help Desk 
        • Split/join a person (Completed)
        • Authorization UI : manage super admin , help Desk admin , add authorities , add groups, assign/unassigned users to groups and authorities (Completed)
        • Emergency employee on-boarding (Completed)
        • Assign herds to Guest accounts (Completed)
      • Non-perosn entity accounts integration
        • Additional Tables to the current data model . "AUX_PROGRAMS"  and "AUX_IDENTIFIERS"  - (Completed) 
      • NetID Management Tool   (In progress)
        • Account Activation
        • Activation Key validation
        • Secret Questions/Answers
        • NetId Change 
      • Internal Integration
        • ID card system (In progress)
        • Email services (Completed)
        • Other downstream systems
      • Status: 
        • Development in progress , plan to complete all development 3/14/2012
        • SIT: 3/14/2012 - 4/17/2012 
        • Production:  4/25/2012 - 05/08/2012
    • Engagement with I2 Registries Team 
      • ID Match
      • Code Review 
  2. Update from SFU
  3. Update from USF
  4. Roadmap
    • Collectively discuss roadmap
    • Drivers for roadmap
      • Driven by business
      • Driven by technical
  5. Topics for discussions
    • Credential Meta data (should we include this in the OR?)
      • Activation keys (expiration time,lock, start time,end time)
      • Password ((expiration time,lock, start time,end time)
      • Secret Questions and Answers





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