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Table of Contents


  • System
  • User
  • Database


  • PRE1: Authenticated to system
  • PRE2: Authorized to delete a role
  • PRE3: Selected an SoR to work with
  • PRE4: Identified SoR Person to work with
  • PRE5: Identified SoR Role Record to Delete


  1. User selects role to be deleted as well as indicates whether the role should have never existed (i.e. the entry was a temporary mistake).
    • If it was a mistake:
      1. remove associated emailAddresses
      2. remove associated phones
      3. remove associated addresses
      4. remove associated calculated role from calculated person that was set based on the SoR Role
    • Otherwise:
      1. update calculated roles which are based on the deleted SoR Role
  2. In both cases, the original SoR Role and associated data are removed.
  3. Recalculation of Calculated role occurs
  4. Recalculation of Attributes


  1. Downstream systems are notified of change.

Business Rules

  1. All actions are audited.


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