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OpenRegistry 2 is a branch of the OpenRegistry project. OR2 is focused on incremental "lessons learned" changes and is based in large part on the original OR work.

Get Involved!

The community centers around the openregistry-dev list. There are also bi-weekly open Conference Calls.


Admin & User Manual

  • Getting Started and Planning Your Deployment
    • Understanding the OR Data Flow
      • Raw Records, Standardized Records, and Calculated Records
  • Installation
  • Setting Up Your First SOR
  • Configuring OR
    • Preparing Source Feeds (Systems of Record)
      • Raw Tables ("source" and "work)
      • Batch
      • API
      • Hosted (OR as SOR)
    • Preparing the Standardized Record
      • Validation
      • Normalization
      • Standardization
    • Preparing the Calculated Record
      • Identity Match
      • Identifier Assignment
      • Election
      • Calculation
    • Exporting OR Data
      • API / Message Bus
      • Batch
      • LDAP
      • Reporting
  • User Interface
    • Administrative Operations
    • Delegated Administration
    • Self Service

Technical Manual

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