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Lookup functionality has been added and is pending to be released with version 1.5.0 of Person Directory. The addition of searching required some front-end API changes to allow for multiple attribute sets to be returned in a sane manner. The four existing methods that return a Map (getMultivaluedUserAttributes(Map), getMultivaluedUserAttributes(String), getUserAttributes(Map), getUserAttributes(String)) have all been deprecated. In their place are three new methods:

Notice they all return an IPersonAttributes or a Set of IPersonAttributess. To allow for more manageable return signatures of the methods. An IPersonAttributes represents an immutable set of user attributes with an associated user name. It implements the Java Principal interface for added compatibility and is Serializable.

The old APIs still function and all just assume single-user lookups. Some configuration has changed as well, primarily for the JDBC and LDAP DAOs. The new Person Directory Manual outlines how to configure the updated classes.

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