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Note: Administrative Portlets are listed in the uPortal Manual.

Portlet Incubation

Portlets that should become Jasig hosted portlets should be submitted for incubation following the process documented in the Incubation wiki space.

Portlet Release Manager

Jasig has defined the role of Portlet Release Manager to help facilitate the Jasig portlet life cycle.

Portlet Developer Information

Developers who wish to share their portlet on this space simply need to add a new child page to the Community Portlets page, then enter their portlet information using the "Portlets Template" provided in this space.

Can't find the portlet you want? We provide resources for users to develop their own portlets.

Portlet Development

Information about the Portlet APIs and Jasig's best practices for portlet development.

Portlet Development FAQ

  • Clustering JSR-168 Portlet Applications in TomcatJSR-168 Portlet applications represent a special challenge when it comes to clustering within Tomcat (or any other servlet container, for that matter). In order to effectively cluster web applications, session data must be replicated or shared between the nodes in the cluster. Otherwise, the user experiences a complete loss of context during a node failover. While Tomcat has provided session replication for quite some time, it has not supported replication of session changes resulting from a cro
  • Integrating Alfresco with uPortalAlfresco offers a portlet version of their web application.  This can be
  • JBoss Forums PortletThe JBoss Forums Portlet can only be deployed in the JBoss Portal. There are several calls to JBoss portal specific services, which do not exist in uPortal.
  • Sharing uPortal's Connection Pool with Portlets on Tomat 5.5Portlets, being their own application on Tomcat, do not inherently have access to uPortal's connection to the database.  Fortunately, however, you can move uPortal's database connection context to a global context which is visible to your portlets.  Many thanks to Chris Holdorph form UNICON for his insight, and Gregg Lagnese, MicroDeveloper, Inc. for his online Oracle JNDI reference  As a note, these modifications were made on uPortal 2

Portlet Development Technologies and Frameworks

  • portlet defineObjects tag extensionThe portlet tag library includes a tag called <portlet:defineObjects/>. This tag establishes three objects; renderRequest, renderResponse and portletConfig for use in included portlet JSP pages. Although you can certainly access some useful information through these objects using the JSTL tag library, accessing scoped variables and the like will require the use of scriptlets. JSTL users are used to having access to scoped variables via the JSTL implicit objects (requestScope, sessionScope, ap
  • Struts BridgeThis document will explore how a Struts application can be modified to work as a JSR168 compliant portlet. It will hopefully serve as a useful reference guide for those planning to install the Struts Bridge into their existing Struts applications. As an example we'll use the iBATIS version of Petstore application, the Petstore is a commonly implemented demonstratio

Portlets from other Portals

Portlet Solutions Flowchart

Sharing Portlets

Troubleshooting Portlet Deployment

External resources

Portlet Community

Portlet Training