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This is a portlet that implements the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability specification and allows you to render any Basic LTI enabled application inside uPortal. Possibilities include Sakai tools, Peoplesoft components, tools from other LMS's, collaboration and learning tools, blogs, forums, wikis, the list is endless.


  • Allows a seamless integration between uPortal and any Basic LTI enabled application.
  • Uses Basic LTI and OAuth for a secure single-sign-on connection.
  • Completely integrate many different external applications into uPortal within minutes, instead of having to write web services to get the data and a new UI for each one.
  • Can be registered as a content type so that Administrators can configure multiple instances of the portlet to point to different sources or send different launch data.
  • Supports the CONFIG portlet mode for rich configuration.
  • Easily extended by way of 'adapters' - these essentially pre-process the launch data to cater for the specific needs of the various Basic LTI endpoints. Adapters for Sakai and Peoplesoft are included, as well as a standard no-op adapter for generic endpoints. Adapters for more applications are simple to create as well.

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Steve Swinsburg

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Apache 2.0

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The Australian National University


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  1. Hi Steve,

    I'd like to use the Basic LTI portlet in uPortal 4, but I'm a bit lost. The instructions on seem to be targeted at uPortal 3. Could you provide instructions to install this portlet in the latest version of uPortal (4.0.2) ?

    Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom,

      I haven't actually deployed this in uPortal 4 but I don't see any issues preventing it, although there might be some slight differencing in the config, as you noted. Which part are you stuck on? Do you want to take this on list so we can get other's opinions?



      1. Hi Steve,

        A message has been posted on the uportal-user mailing list (wink)

        Bye, Tom

        1. FYI, the latest release is uP4 compatible.

  2. I would love to be able to deploy the basic LTI portlet in Liferay (version 6.1 GA2 CE). I have tried quite a few tricks so far but have not had much luck. It seems to install alright from the WAR but then nothing more. I presume there are a few other mods required for Liferay along the lines of what is described at the bottom of the wiki about the: Sakai Connector Portlet - Configuration and Installation Does anyone have any experience on setting something like this up?

    1. Hi Peter and Bruce,

      What have you tried? This is most likely just a config issue in the web.xml. Note that the latest release of the portlet does not automatically add the PortletServlet class anymore as it is expected that the relevant portlet container does that when you deploy the portlet (uPortal does).

      And yes you will need to perform similar modifications as per the Sakai connector portlet.

      Can you perhaps post a web.xml of a working portlet for Liferay that has access to user properties, and then we can tweak the config to suit this portlet?




  3. Peter, did you get this working in Liferay? We are interested in using in 6.1 GA2 EE