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The Calendar Portlet is a JSR-168 read-only calendar aggregator portlet. This portlet allows a user to view built-in administrator-configured calendars and for users to add external iCal feeds for display. It is important to note that this project will not allow users to add events through the portlet's interface.


  • Aggregate calendars and produce a read-only display
  • Calendars may be web-based calendar feeds, file system resources, or CalDAV server configurations
  • Create custom calendar adapter implementations to retrieve calendar information from databases, custom XML schemas, etc.
  • Admins may define default calendars and assign them to users by role. 
  • Users may add additional calendars from iCalShare, Google Calendar, etc.  If users are given edit access to the calendar portlet, they can enable or disable any predefined calendar feed, even if they aren't assigned one by default.

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Jennifer Bourey

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Apache Software License, Version 2.0

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