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Portlets incubated by Jasig are documented as children of this page. They may use the Jasig Portlet email lists for user discussion and development coordination.

Classifieds Portlet

The Classifieds Portlet is a JSR-168 portlet that allows users to create ads within administrator-specfied categories.

Confluence Portlet

Permits a Portal user to access their Confluence account which allows them to view their directories, favourites, and recently updated pages. It also enables no-password login directly to a given page.

Courses Portlet

The Courses Portlet is a JSR-286 read-only LMS integration portlet.

Human Resources Dashboard Portlets

A suite of portlets that provide a dashboard view of HR data including earning & tax statements, benefits information, time & absence management and white-pages information.

Survey Portlet

Portlet that allows an administrator to create and manage surveys, users to take a survey.

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