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This portlet allows you to render tools from your Sakai environment inside uPortal. It is completely configurable, and each user can choose a tool from any of their Sakai sites to display in the portal.


  • Allows a seamless integration between Sakai and uPortal
  • Uses Basic LTI and OAuth for a secure single-sign-on connection
  • Can be configured by an administrator to only allow certain tools
  • Supports the CONFIG portlet mode for rich configuration
  • Completely configurable for users to select the tools from sites they want to render

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Steve Swinsburg

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Apache 2.0

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Current Adopters

The Australian National University



AuSakai 2010 presentation video

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AuSakai 2010 presentation slides

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I gave a presentation and demonstration of this portlet at the Sakai conference in Denver, Colorado, June 15-17. See the presentation and screencast here:

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  1. I am unable to render Lessons tool by using this portlet. I tried to render using both 1.4.0 and 1.5.0. Can anyone please help me. Please find the attachment lessons-tool-error.png