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About the Scheduling Assistant

The Scheduling Assistant is a web application designed to integrate with your Enterprise Calendar Server and introduce appointment slots capabilities.

The Scheduling Assistant also integrates business data to provide interactions between 2 groups:

Group #1: Schedule Owners

Schedule Owners are individuals or non-human resource accounts that already have adopted your Enterprise Calendar and accept appointments from others in your community.
The Scheduling Assistant allows Schedule Owners to create restrictions on what times they are willing to accept appointments. Schedule Owners also can set preferences based on how long meetings are, pre-fill fields like title/location/description, and automatically share their schedule with individuals whom they have institutional relationships (e.g. Academic Advisors can share automatically with their assigned advisees).

Group #2: Schedule Visitors

Schedule Visitors are individuals eligible to use your Enterprise Calendar but may or may not be regular users. The Scheduling Assistant presents Schedule Visitors a simplified interface that shows them:

  • which Schedule Owners they are eligible to meet with (along with contextual information about why they might want to meet with said Owner)
  • a limited view of the Schedule Owner's schedule consisting of free/busy times
  • a simplified appointment creation and cancellation process.

The Scheduling Assistant application supports internationalization (i18n) and can be translated to other languages. A more detailed list of features for end-users is available at Scheduling Assistant Features.

Live Demo

The Bedework team hosts a Live Demo of the Scheduling Assistant at:

Screenshot Tour

View features for both groups in the Scheduling Assistant in the Scheduling Assistant Screenshot Tour

More Information

Scheduling Assistant Roadmap

Deploying the Scheduling Assistant - Bedework
Deploying the Scheduling Assistant - Oracle Communications Suite
Deploying the Scheduling Assistant - Oracle Calendar
Scheduling Assistant - Common Configuration Changes

Creating a Development Environment for Scheduling Assistant


Project Details

The Scheduling Assistant is an Incubating project, you can follow it's progress at:

Supported Calendar Servers

The Scheduling Assistant currently integrates with and is supported for:

  • Bedework version 3.8 Preview and later (via CalDAV)
  • Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite version 7 (via CalDAV)
  • Oracle Calendar (formerly Steltor Calendar, via native Oracle Calendar SDK)
  • Google Calendar for Higher Education (see SA-69 - Getting issue details... STATUS )

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