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All images shown on this page are screenshots from UW-Madison's deployment of the Scheduling Assistant at

Login/Landing page

Schedule Visitor Tour

Schedule Visitors are individuals seeking to create appointments. At UW-Madison, students seeking appointments with their academic advisors most commonly fit this role.

The first thing a Schedule Visitor sees when logging in is a list of Schedule Owners that have a strong affiliation with them, like advisors or instructors:

By clicking on the Schedule Owner's name the Schedule Visitor is shown a subset of the Schedule Owner's schedule determined by the Owner's
schedule and preferences:

Clicking any of the green (free) blocks on the schedule will open the form to create the appointment:

All the Visitor must enter is a brief message that will be stored in the details of the event. Once submitted, the Schedule Visitor sees the following:

The appointment is entered into the Scheduling Assistant's configured Enterprise Calendar. Both Schedule Owner and Schedule Visitor are included in the Attendee list and have automatically accepted the appointment, the location is prefilled with the Schedule Owner's preference, and the message that the Schedule Visitor entered is included in the event details. The Schedule Owner is the "owner" of the appointment, and can simply use their existing Enterprise Calendar client to alter or move the appointment if need be.
The following screenshot shows the resulting event in Oracle Calendar:

Schedule Owner Tour

Schedule Owners are individuals seeking to share their schedule via the Scheduling Assistant and accept appointments from other individuals. At UW-Madison, academic advisors commonly fit this role.

The first step a Schedule Owner will see when registering their account is a form to set their meeting preferences:

Next they can build a regular 'Availability Schedule' that specifically designates dates and times they are willing to accept appointments:

Those 2 steps are all that are required for registration. If the Schedule Owner is detected as an Academic Advisor, their relationships with their assigned students are automatically created.

Registered Schedule Owners have a number of additional tools at their disposal. If they have an irregular schedule, they can use our JavaScript based 'Dynamic Schedule Builder' to simply highlight their availability:

Schedule Owners can also see a record of Schedule Visitor activity with their account:

More features available:

  • Adhoc relationship creation, either one by one or via CSV file import
  • Public profiles allow owner's to advertise themselves and open up appointment creation to any Enterprise Calendar customer

Application Administrator features

  • Activity history/statistics for all accounts
  • Detailed view of Calendar Account data attributes, see what the Scheduling Assistant knows about an account
  • Simulate schedule view for participants
  • Ehcache statistics and ability to clear
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