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Current Text Under Review

 Original text dated 2013. This page is under editing as of Dec 2017


The Student role in SSP typically does not have access to SSP main page or any of the Tools unless the Student is also granted Faculty, Manager or Advisor/Coach permissions. This testing guide will focus on activities performed by the Student through MyGPS in order to validate SSP functionality. Much of the information required for Student testing must be pre-populated during testing of the other roles. Specifically, an external student should be added to SSP or a new student account created.  This test student should also be used for testing the Student role in MyGPS and utilized by other roles in order to assist in populating the student test data.

The tools focused on with this testing guide are:

  • MyGPS
  • Intake


Logout of any previous SSP sessions, then login to SSP again as the test student added during Coach role testing. You now have access to MyGPS.

Review Self-Help Guides
  1. Access Self Help Guides if used by the institution are available
  2. Verify all previously entered information is available and all links work properly
  3. Verify that each of the Guides operate properly
Contact Your Coach
  1. Access Contact Your Coach
  2. Generate an email from the template; confirm the email arrived at the recipient's inbox.
Search for Resources
  1. Access Search for Resources
  2. Review challenges and associated referrals entered
  3. Enter search parameters and the associated referrals and challenges that appear 
  4. Verify that clicking on the '+' on one of the Resources adds the Resource to the Tasks list on the right
  5. Confirm the Task is present on Active tab
  6. Mark Task as complete, then confirm it displays on the Completed tab
View My MAP
  1. View the MAP
  2. Verify the MAP contains all terms and courses setup during Academic Advisor role testing
Verify Tasks
  1. Verify any test tasks assigned by Coach and/or Advisor are present (during Action Plan testing)
  2. Verify Student Intake is a Task (if assigned to student during Coach testing)
  3. Confirm Email and Print options work properly
Complete Student Intake
  1. From Tasks > Active, select Fill Out the Student Intake (if Student Intake was sent to student during Coach testing)
  2. Confirm the Confidentiality Disclosure appears; verify text
  3. On the Student Intake pages, verify the pre-populated fields and dropdowns display proper information and sequence
Verify Intake Tool
  1. Once Student Intake is completed, Logout of SSP and login again as the Coach role (same Coach login used for testing)
  2. Select the Student; navigate to the Intake Tool
  3. Verify that all fields selected on Intake appear on the various tabs (Demographics, EduPlan, EduLevel, etc.)


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