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SSP v2.2.0 General Release Announcement

For implementers with an existing installation of 2.0.X or 2.1.X, the changes described below should be executed after the release is build during the upgrade process.  New installations of 2.1.0 are not required to make the changes described below.  Specific attention to deployment should be noted for number 1.

SSP-2721 is a patch added to v2.4.2 and v2.5.2 to address a bug with the CAS integration for filters/requests. All implementers of this release should consider installing the patches listed in the commit section of the issue details.

Release Highlights

  • Send Student Email from Dashboard
  • Enhanced Coaching History Report
  • DOB Added to Caseload and Search Criteria
  • Clear Screen after Prolonged Activity
  • 70 bug fixes

Upgrade Instructions

If you are running SSP version 2.0.0 or 2.0.0-b3, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to 2.0.1, 2.1.0, 2.2.0 or later or otherwise apply the Confidentiality Level-related patches for the Student Documents tool as described by SSP-1917.

1)  Per SSP-1838 and SSP-1981, a new message template for the MAP Templates has been introduced to print templates.  This will not affect any existing message templates.  The message template definition exists in the Configuration Guide.

2)  Per SSP-1894, the Full Plan Message Template and Matrix Plan Message Templates have changed to consistently display contact information for both the owner and assigned coach.  Since implementers may have modified the message templates, the upgrade will ONLY update the message template definition IF no changes from the default have been made.  IF changes to the message template(s) have been made, the changes can be manually made in the SSP Admin Configuration.  The code snippets below details the portions of the templates that have changed:

MAP Plan Full Printout

<p style="padding-left:20px;font-size:small;margin-top:30px;">
	<strong>If I have questions or concerns about my plan I will contact:</strong>
	<p style="padding-left:20px;padding-left:20px;font-size:small">
	#if("$!contactName" != "") $!contactTitle $contactName #else $coachFullName #end</br>
	#if("$!contactPhone" != "") $contactPhone #else $coachPhone2 #end</br>
	#if("$!contactEmail" != "") $contactEmail #else $coachEmail #end

<p style="padding-left:20px;font-size:small;margin-top:30px;">
	<strong>If I have questions or concerns about my plan I will contact:</strong>
	<p style="padding-left:20px">
	<p style="padding-left:20px">
MAP Plan Printout

<b>If I have questions or concerns about my plan I will contact:
	<p style="padding-left:20px">

<b>If I have questions or concerns about my plan I will contact:
	<p style="padding-left:20px">
	<p style="padding-left:20px">


3)  Per SSP-1894, in addition to the default message template changes for MAP, the Velocity context variables $coachPhone1, $coachPhone2, $coachEmail, $coachFullname have been replaced with $ownerPhone, $ownerFullname, and $ownerEmail. The single phone number points to the owner's 'work_phone' (as opposed to home and cell phone with the previous variables). $student , the student 'person' object has been also added to this messages' scope.  The new variables should replace the existing variables in customized message templates

4)  Per SSP-1881, changes to the uPortal tables to harmonize the column size for user name were made.  The database changes will be made by the upgrade process UNLESS uPortal and SSP DO NOT share the same schema.  In the case where two different schemas are used, the SQL for updating the tabes must be run manually.

PostgreSQL Databases
alter table up_person_dir alter column user_name type varchar(50);
alter table up_user alter column user_name type varchar(50);
alter table up_sso_ticket alter column user_name type varchar(50);
alter table up_raw_events alter column user_name type varchar(50);
SQL Server Databases
alter table up_person_dir alter column user_name nvarchar(50)
alter table up_user alter column user_name nvarchar(50)
alter table up_sso_ticket alter column user_name nvarchar(50)
alter table up_raw_events alter column user_name type nvarchar(50)

5)  Per SSP-1888, the uPortal build-time configuration options previously defined in <env>.properties (commonly have been moved to a new file that is available during run-time.  Most importantly, configuration changes can be executed by restarting the application with no requirement to build.  This accounts for the most common build options.  The new file name and location are <SSP_CONFIGDIR>/  To ensure the latest configuration options are included in the local file, review the latest at ./uportal-war/src/main/resources/properties/ 

If the <env>.properties file was customized to include non-*Context.xml files (especially PAGSGroupStoreConfig.xml), review ./uportal-war/pom.xml to make sure the <resources> definition does not include any *Context.xml files.

For future uPortal builds involving a database initialization ant target (initportal, initdb), you need to specify SSP_CONFIGDIR if it isn't already specified as an env var.

  • E.g on *nix.... $> SSP_CONFIGDIR=/opt/ssp/sspconfig ant -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean initdb


You should delete or change the passwords for the uPortal users created for demonstration purposes, especially in a production deployment. This can be done through the user interface: Manage Users ->  Find an Existing User -> [Enter user ID from list below] -> [Click result] -> Delete or Edit, then change password. Demo users:

  • advisor0
  • ken
  • student0
  • student1

Non-private installs should also either change the admin user's password or add some other user to the Portal Administrators group and delete the admin user.


v2.2.0 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-1267] - Javascript disabled in browser, no user notification.
  • [SSP-1499] - Trailing whitespace in person search
  • [SSP-1528] - Appointment Required First Login and Coach Always Required
  • [SSP-1714] - IE8 Course Roster doesn't show in Early Alert
  • [SSP-1760] - Active status button in SSP admin always sets to inactive on create
  • [SSP-1794] - New admin reference items always saved as active
  • [SSP-1809] - ESL permission and confidentiality level adjustments
  • [SSP-1822] - MAP Template printing fails because it invokes a Plan API
  • [SSP-1823] - Unable to load MAP template for edit after navigating to and from another tool
  • [SSP-1827] - Load Template dialog does not reflect recent changes
  • [SSP-1828] - Active Template checkbox always unchecked
  • [SSP-1830] - Student History Report Fails on Student With Early Alerts
  • [SSP-1833] - Challenge Referral Links not copied into MyGPS-created action plan tasks
  • [SSP-1837] - Unscrollable printable MyGPS MAP window
  • [SSP-1838] - New Message Template for Outputting Map Templates
  • [SSP-1839] - Cannot create private MAP Template if not granted MAP_PUBLIC_TEMPLATE_WRITE
  • [SSP-1841] - Missing caseload assignment buttons in IE9
  • [SSP-1846] - Transcripted courses don't move in Move Plan
  • [SSP-1847] - Transcript pop-up in MAP doesn't scroll
  • [SSP-1848] - Race condition in first time login for user with incorrect school_id
  • [SSP-1851] - Mispelling in MAP Move Plan Dialog
  • [SSP-1853] - Studentdocuments API missing CL name
  • [SSP-1855] - MAP Transcript Pop-Up Never Loads IE8
  • [SSP-1858] - Special Service Groups not displayed in Main Dashboard if user has no associated Service Reasons
  • [SSP-1859] - Coaching History report last page formatting problem
  • [SSP-1869] - Cannot keep deleted confidentiality level on edit
  • [SSP-1874] - Missing active CLs on Linux CI
  • [SSP-1880] - Pagination nav bars missing in admin tools
  • [SSP-1881] - username size is not sufficient and inconsistent between person and external_person
  • [SSP-1909] - Do not require Git to be on the PATH when building
  • [SSP-1924] - Previous reassignment candidates not cleared if selected coach has no current caseload
  • [SSP-1946] - external_student_financial_aid.fafsa_date type regressed to datetime
  • [SSP-1955] - Hide dynamic label admin
  • [SSP-1964] - Integration changesets should respect 'manage integration database' config
  • [SSP-1965] - Skip 000015.xml backfill changesets if external views don't exist
  • [SSP-1969] - Task link not rendering in Message Templates
  • [SSP-1978] - PortalPreAuthenticatedProcessingFilter bean initialization error when running within uPortal shell
  • [SSP-1983] - Action Plan task link html not rendering in PDF report
  • [SSP-1994] - View All fails after Template Save
  • [SSP-1996] - Unexpected MAP save dialog
  • [SSP-1997] - 500 error when trying to print a new default plan
  • [SSP-1999] - Event listener registered on MAP component destruction
  • [SSP-2001] - Existing SemesterPanels not destroyed when rendering a different Plan or Template
  • [SSP-2004] - Caseload View doesn't collapse after using MAP and expanding the Caseload View
  • [SSP-2005] - MAP courses cannot be edited
  • [SSP-2006] - Program Status change dialog doesn't close after save
  • [SSP-2007] - Planned course elective colors render inconsistently on first plan load
  • [SSP-2008] - Inconsistent invalid planned course highlighting for duplicate courses
  • [SSP-2009] - MAP plan status display corrupted by template display
  • [SSP-2015] - MAP- unexpected unsaved dialog without changing a plan
  • [SSP-2017] - External person sync job errors out with empty person lookup result set
  • [SSP-2022] - MAP Load Template Continuous Loading
  • [SSP-2023] - Minimize Caseload View/Search Arrow Not Visible
  • [SSP-2024] - Persistent loading spinner in MAP after successful dirty save
  • [SSP-2025] - Plan edit dirty status inconsistent for courses
  • [SSP-2029] - Object not found error saving dirty MAP Template

Improvements and New Features

  • [SSP-723] - Avoid editing POM to switch between JDBC drivers
  • [SSP-1267] - Javascript disabled in browser, no user notification.
  • [SSP-1533] - Add DOB to Caseload Search
  • [SSP-1534] - Add student summary to the Coaching History report
  • [SSP-1536] - Email student from the Main Tool Dashboard
  • [SSP-1539] - Display intake status and date on Main Tool Dashboard
  • [SSP-1543] - Calculate the plan status in SSP
  • [SSP-1553] - Display Student DOB in expanded Caseload view
  • [SSP-1767] - Gracefully degrade uPortal version footer if SSP version API unavailable
  • [SSP-1809] - ESL permission and confidentiality level adjustments
  • [SSP-1820] - Printed MAP option for term sorting
  • [SSP-1821] - Add CL value to the Documents list
  • [SSP-1835] - Special handling for null FA values
  • [SSP-1840] - Add a loading indicator for template loads
  • [SSP-1854] - Include Referral Link in Action Plan printed report and email
  • [SSP-1860] - Disable Send to primary/secondary email if no email for student
  • [SSP-1870] - Change post-edit highlight color to imply success
  • [SSP-1871] - JS files missing from sencha aggregation manifest
  • [SSP-1873] - Display CL name instead of acronym for Goals
  • [SSP-1876] - Add a loading indicator for loading a saved plan
  • [SSP-1881] - username size is not sufficient and inconsistent between person and external_person
  • [SSP-1888] - External, runtime-evaluated SSP-Platform config properties
  • [SSP-1892] - Clear screen after prolonged period of inactivity
  • [SSP-1894] - Consistent contact info options for MAP message templates
  • [SSP-1898] - Linux CI configuration to deploy for and execute system-level API integration tests
  • [SSP-1899] - Initial subset of system-level API integration tests
  • [SSP-1909] - Do not require Git to be on the PATH when building
  • [SSP-1927] - Slow template load times
  • [SSP-1933] - Add Action Plan Summary to message template admin UI
  • [SSP-1963] - Remove dependencies on unused Ext.js plugin files
  • [SSP-1966] - Read default 'manage_integration_database' value from
  • [SSP-1982] - Move client_timeout config to the database
  • [SSP-1988] - Request-scoped option to override configured KeepSessionAliveFilter interval
  • [SSP-2011] - Dead code in SemesterPanelContainerViewController#onCreateMapPlan()


  • [SSP-1884] - Document new MAP template message template
  • [SSP-1887] - Document changes to JDBC configuration in POM
  • [SSP-1885] - Document default from address from SSP
  • [SSP-1959] - Document uPortal buildtime-to-runtime config change
  • [SSP-1967] - Document new db_liquibase_manage_external_database_by_default config
  • [SSP-1976] - Document the client timeout default value
  • [SSP-1977] - Document manual sql for uPortal user_name harmonization for existing installs and uPortal and SSP do not share a schema
  • [SSP-1979] - Document Changes to Full Plan Message Template
  • [SSP-1980] - Document Changes to Matrix Plan Template
  • [SSP-1981] - Document Changes to Plan Template Message Template



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