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SSP v2.3.0 General Release Announcement

SSP v2.3 Released on April 15, 2014

SSP-2721 is a patch added to v2.4.2 and v2.5.2 to address a bug with the CAS integration for filters/requests. All implementers of this release should consider installing the patches listed in the commit section of the issue details.


Release Highlights

  • Configurable Student Intake fields
  • Caseload Assignment Redesign
  • Send Email when Student Coach Change
  • Add Permissions to Accommodation Report
  • Map Plan Status Calculation
  • Add Outcome to Student Placement Scores
  • Additional Financial Aid data
  • Edit Past MAP Plan Terms
  • 81 bug fixes

Upgrade Instructions

For implementers with an existing installation of 2.0.X, 2.1.X or 2.2 the changes described below should be executed after the release is built during the upgrade process. 

  • To upgrade from 2.0.X follow the upgrade instructions for BOTH the 2.1 and 2.2 Release Notes after deploying the 2.3 code
  • To upgrade from 2.1.X follow the upgrade instructions for the 2.2 Release Notes after deploying the 2.3 code
  • SSP-2303 addresses a bug identified in SSP where by a MAP plan/template term notes were duplicated in the system for each edit.  The application has been patched in v2.3.0, and a cleanup script was included to remove the duplicate rows.  In some cases, logic was required to determine the desired, unique row.  SSP will eliminate semantically duplicate rows in map_term_note in an attempt to winnow that dataset down to at most one row per plan_id\template_id+term_code. In general, because of the way the original bug worked, it's possible to figure out which note to keep by selecting the least frequently occurring note state per plan_id\template_id+term_code. But in the case of ties, the app will first attempt to find a unique result by only preserving records with the most recent created_date and, as a last resort, by making a truly arbitrary choice based on sorting by record id. Because this can potentially result in selection of a note state end users do not expect, and because the fixup is destructive in general, the first step in the fixup is to take a backup of the map_term_note table. That backup table is named map_term_note_SSP_2303_bak. The expectation is that administrators can query that table for historical map_term_note records in the event users report unexpected template state following an upgrade.
    • There is no way to turn the fixup off via configuration. In general, it makes no sense to do so because the UI will make similarly arbitrary decisions (as it did prior to the bug fix), those decisions will just be delayed until the next time a given template is saved.In the event the fixup must absolutely be disabled, comment out this line in masterChangeLog.xml:
      • <include file="org/jasig/ssp/database/changesets/000116.xml" />
  • A change to the MAP Plan Full Printout was made to fix the Financial Aid Information option when printing or emailing the plan.  If you are upgrading from but not through SSP 2.2.x, you will need to manually update the databasechangelog table, else SSP will fail to start up. The error message will resemble the following:

    Caused by: liquibase.exception.ValidationFailedException: Validation Failed:
         1 change sets check sum
              org/jasig/ssp/database/changesets/000087.xml::Update Full Map Printout for SSP-1894::tony.arland is now: 3:2ea129e39b757f33ecf3d107c8111ac9

     SSP-2218 contains all of the details for working around this problem (again, this should only be required if your currently deployed version is in the 2.2.x series): 

    • Run the following SQL against the SSP database:
      • delete from databasechangelog where filename = 'org/jasig/ssp/database/changesets/000087.xml' and id = 'Update Full Map Printout for SSP-1894'
    • Check to make sure the message template change was applied:
      • In the SSP UI, navigate to Admin -> System Configuration -> Message Templates -> Select 'MAP Plan Full Printout' -> Click 'Edit'
      • Find the following section and replace the first line with #if($includeFinancialAidInformation)
        <div style="width: 980px">
            <div style="left:10px;margin-top:30px">
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;">
            <strong>Attempted Hours - </strong> $!attemptedHours
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;">
            <strong>Completed Hours - </strong> $!completedHours
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;">
            <strong>Current Completion Rate - </strong> $!completionRage
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;text-indent:15px;">
            <strong>Number of hours needed to earn 67% completion rate - </strong> $!neededFor67PercentCompletion
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;">
            <strong>Financial Aid Cum GPA - </strong> $!financialAidGpa
            <p style="text-align:left; color:#000000;text-indent:15px;">
            <strong>Number of needed to earn a 2.0 Cum GPA with all B - </strong> $!hoursNeededB

If you are running SSP version 2.0.0 or 2.0.0-b3, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to any later version or otherwise apply the Confidentiality Level-related patches for the Student Documents tool as described by SSP-1917.

You should delete or change the passwords for the uPortal users created for demonstration purposes, especially in a production deployment. This can be done through the user interface: Manage Users ->  Find an Existing User -> [Enter user ID from list below] -> [Click result] -> Delete or Edit, then change password. Demo users:

  • advisor0
  • ken
  • student0
  • student1

Non-private installs should also either change the admin user's password or add some other user to the Portal Administrators group and delete the admin user.

v2.3.0 JIRA Issues


  • [SSP-1881] - username size is not sufficient and inconsistent between person and external_person
  • [SSP-1983] - Action Plan task link html not rendering in PDF report
  • [SSP-1992] - Template Notes dialog says Plan Notes instead of Template
  • [SSP-1994] - View All fails after Template Save
  • [SSP-1996] - Unexpected MAP save dialog
  • [SSP-1997] - 500 error when trying to print a new default plan
  • [SSP-1999] - Event listener registered on MAP component destruction
  • [SSP-2001] - Existing SemesterPanels not destroyed when rendering a different Plan or Template
  • [SSP-2003] - No students in Caseload after selecting Caseload Reassignment Tool
  • [SSP-2004] - Caseload View doesn't collapse after using MAP and expanding the Caseload View
  • [SSP-2005] - MAP courses cannot be edited
  • [SSP-2007] - Planned course elective colors render inconsistently on first plan load
  • [SSP-2008] - Inconsistent invalid planned course highlighting for duplicate courses
  • [SSP-2009] - MAP plan status display corrupted by template display
  • [SSP-2015] - MAP- unexpected unsaved dialog without changing a plan
  • [SSP-2017] - External person sync job errors out with empty person lookup result set
  • [SSP-2022] - MAP Load Template Continuous Loading
  • [SSP-2025] - Plan edit dirty status inconsistent for courses
  • [SSP-2029] - Object not found error saving dirty MAP Template
  • [SSP-2041] - Financial aid fields duplicated on second page of coaching history report
  • [SSP-2042] - Missing SAP code rendered as literal 'null' in coaching history report
  • [SSP-2043] - Inconsistent 'FA Awarded' field styling and show/hide behavior
  • [SSP-2044] - Typo in student history report PDF file name
  • [SSP-2045] - Financial Aid scripts loaded outside aggr/min javascript files
  • [SSP-2046] - Financial aid uniqueness constraints need explicit names
  • [SSP-2047] - External financial aid award and file tables will only be created if natural keys are enabled
  • [SSP-2048] - Natural key config not respected on financial aid view recreation
  • [SSP-2051] - sspAPIIntegrationTestData Deletes Message Templates
  • [SSP-2053] - Fin Aid file status cleanup
  • [SSP-2054] - Fin Aid SAP Status Code cleanup
  • [SSP-2055] - Message queue errors on Linux CI again
  • [SSP-2056] - MAP Opening an Authenticated Template fails security check
  • [SSP-2058] - MAP Template Type filter not working
  • [SSP-2061] - Blurb/Text database row and implementation corrections
  • [SSP-2062] - Retrieving My Caseload for Program Status selection not working
  • [SSP-2071] - Journal Entry entry date always set to current date
  • [SSP-2075] - External financial aid, award, and file creation/expansion Liquibase will fail if natural keys turned on after having already run with natural keys turned off
  • [SSP-2078] - Can't add student against fresh database
  • [SSP-2080] - Caseload API error for appointment.modified_date
  • [SSP-2081] - At most one current appointment time returned in search results
  • [SSP-2089] - HQL syntax error when loading appointments for current user's caseload
  • [SSP-2091] - Cannot change student program status
  • [SSP-2102] - Journal Detail ordering causes 500 error
  • [SSP-2103] - Main Tool sticky Service Groups
  • [SSP-2105] - Caseload Assignment Edit Locks
  • [SSP-2117] - Add Student.js and StudentIntakeRequest.js to app-all.js
  • [SSP-2123] - MAP plan status load failed for SSP calc'd status on MAP display
  • [SSP-2126] - SSP Admin and Caseload Assignment not visible
  • [SSP-2142] - config.value missing for coachSetFromExternalData
  • [SSP-2163] - Broken pagination in Financial Aid Files and SAP Statuses admin UIs
  • [SSP-2165] - Broken pagination in Race admin UI
  • [SSP-2168] - External integration spec incorrectly lists column name as external_term.reporting_year
  • [SSP-2169] - Requisite validation message shows course code
  • [SSP-2172] - External integration spec incorrectly lists column name as
  • [SSP-2174] - Plan 'email template' owner variables resolve wrong user
  • [SSP-2176] - School email cutoff in Main Tool display
  • [SSP-2214] - MAP 404 error when person_id set to null
  • [SSP-2215] - Journal details not saved when using Track-Step entry
  • [SSP-2218] - MAP print options not working correctly for MAP Full Plan Printout
  • [SSP-2219] - MAP email with Financial Aid information missing
  • [SSP-2220] - MAP grid is showing more than current plus 5 years
  • [SSP-2231] - Typo in external_student_financial_aid.original_loan_amount spec
  • [SSP-2241] - Linux CI environment experiencing out of memory errors
  • [SSP-2242] - Main Tool- Details tab FA GPA disappears after page loads
  • [SSP-2244] - Subset of externally sourced fields lost when saving caseload assignment form
  • [SSP-2251] - Imprecise (of course) floating point arithmetic when totaling transfer credit hours
  • [SSP-2252] - Possibly imprecise MAP plan/template hour totals
  • [SSP-2258] - Possibly imprecise MAP plan/template hour totals in reports and email
  • [SSP-2259] - Inactive student types appearing as available Caseload Assignment options
  • [SSP-2269] - Grammatical and consistency errors in MAP tool tips
  • [SSP-2288] - Mis-named external_student_transcript column in external data spec
  • [SSP-2303] - Data fixup script for excessive MAP template term notes
  • [SSP-2305] - Intermittent missing Hibernate session when flushing new person record created by coach sync
  • [SSP-2319] - All planned courses in term considered valid if all planned courses in term are invalid
  • [SSP-2321] - EA reasons and suggestions are not appearing in the Email Confirmation to Advisor
  • [SSP-2324] - 404 from Main and Intake if external_term empty
  • [SSP-2327] - Deactivated Student Types not rendered in Admin UI after interacting with Caseload Assignment UI

Improvements and New Features

  • [SSP-47] - Send Email Notification When Student's Advisor is Changed
  • [SSP-1558] - Add outcome to Placement Test structure
  • [SSP-1608] - Improve Caseload Assignment layout for add/edit students
  • [SSP-1609] - Develop MAP Plan Status Calculation
  • [SSP-1815] - Student Intake configuration improvements
  • [SSP-1831] - Create a public view of the public templates
  • [SSP-1923] - MAP ignore course term validation when no courses defined
  • [SSP-1937] - Main Tool FinAid improvements
  • [SSP-1982] - Move client_timeout config to the database
  • [SSP-1988] - Request-scoped option to override configured KeepSessionAliveFilter interval
  • [SSP-2011] - Dead code in SemesterPanelContainerViewController#onCreateMapPlan()
  • [SSP-2037] - Modify text/blurb to allow for global label definitions
  • [SSP-2072] - Allow edits to historical terms in MAP Plans
  • [SSP-2073] - Main Tool-Dashboard target navigation for Service Reasons, Service Group and Referral Sources
  • [SSP-2076] - Convert external_student_financial_aid_file.file_status to name-based enum
  • [SSP-2128] - Increase scheduler threadpool size to account for new MAP On/Off Plan background job
  • [SSP-2129] - Service Groups, Service Reasons, Referral Sources sorted randomly in Main Dashboard view
  • [SSP-2131] - Caseload Reassignment tool UI not rendered in Students view if no student currently selected
  • [SSP-2160] - Student Search should use the FA sap_status_codes
  • [SSP-2162] - Add external_student_financial_aid.sap_status_code field to student search
  • [SSP-2170] - Open new tab/window for course syllabus and academic links
  • [SSP-2175] - Load Plan and Template item sort
  • [SSP-2182] - Change MAP Projected Grad text
  • [SSP-2186] - MAP option to edit a past term
  • [SSP-2195] - Respect the Plan past term edit in the Move Plan feature
  • [SSP-2200] - Do not automatically select first student in Caseload and Search
  • [SSP-2262] - Clarify "courses taken" semantics in Training Guide
  • [SSP-2264] - Coach details on Caseload Assignment are not displaying
  • [SSP-2267] - Clarify external_student_transcript_course.credit_type description
  • [SSP-2278] - Guard against missing coach/email for Coach assignment notification
  • [SSP-2281] - Email 'notes' access in MAP message templates
  • [SSP-2284] - Add permission requirement to Disability Report
  • [SSP-2304] - Better background task identification in log messages


  • [SSP-705] - Update default message templates to be generic
  • [SSP-2052] - 2.3 Documentation Tasks
  • [SSP-2059] - Identify SSP 2.3 API changes
  • [SSP-2060] - Identify SSP 2.3 API changes


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